When my brother and mines parents said we were going to the circus we never imagined they meant they were dropping us off there and leaving us....it wasnt a bad life really..the pop was watered down.. the popcorn sucked but there was plenty of it..the bearded lady and her husband took us in and loved us as their own..the best part was the free elephant rides, eventually we adjusted to our new life..... at least we were still together..after we grew up, i left the circus to become a professional..my brother on the other hand stayed with the circus..maybe youve caught his act..hes the juggling midget with a weenhe that drags behind he..lol


Mae Summerville Poems

A Spare Hug

Hey there Jim Bo
This poem is for you
Dont laugh ok, here I go... more »

Blind Faith

Am I the only one that sees the sadness
That emanates from your decieving eyes?
You've walked this world alone so long
That's why you tell all the lies... more »

Dark Blank Eyes

A sweet lil babe, soft and brand new
The cutest lil thing you ever saw
But something wasnt right
As I stood staring at this babe, something began to knaw... more »

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