• A Spare Hug

    Hey there Jim Bo
    This poem is for you
    Dont laugh ok, here I go... more »

  • Blind Faith

    Am I the only one that sees the sadness
    That emanates from your decieving eyes?
    You've walked this world alone so long
    That's why you tell all the lies... more »

  • Dark Blank Eyes

    A sweet lil babe, soft and brand new
    The cutest lil thing you ever saw
    But something wasnt right
    As I stood staring at this babe, something began to knaw... more »

  • Happy As Can Be

    She has decended up to heaven
    Pain and insanity free
    Barefoot as she tiptoes thru the tulips
    Happy as she can be... more »

  • Im Smarter Now

    I wish I was your drug
    I wish it was me you had to had to have
    But im not, no matter how hard i tug... more »

  • Im Taking Back My Heart

    When you act like the devil
    And your evil as hell
    Why would you expect love
    Youll always be ringing that bell... more »

  • Life Of A Crank Ho

    Scabs and soars all over your face
    You use to be so pretty
    Now your nothing but a disgrace... more »

  • My Gift

    Please tell me it isnt true
    What my intuitions tell me
    They tell me your up to no good
    But even a blind man could see... more »

  • My Mom And Yours, And Me And You

    I know you miss her
    I miss mine too
    Sometimes so much I dont know what to do... more »

  • My New Car! ! !

    I had a strong suspicion
    so I did a little snooping, and lo and behold
    thats why I always go with my intuition... more »

  • Nanna Bannana

    This was written by my 10 year old granddaughter who is staying with me a few weeks this summer... more »

  • Reality Check

    I wonder am I ready?
    As I scream it out loud
    I get up to look in the mirror
    I see the reason im so unsteady... more »

  • The Misery Monster

    Without her he cant be what he is
    The monster he was born to be
    Now that shes gone he cant spew his poison
    Without her he cant even see... more »

  • Vision Of Beauty

    Shes the reason for light
    The reason for breath
    For her Id fight
    Until the death... more »

  • Where Am I Going? , When I Get There Will I Know Where Im At?

    I dont know me anymore
    Who have I become?
    Who is this stranger
    Walking in the 'out ' door?... more »

  • Where Did You Come From?

    Where did you come from?
    Right out of the blue?
    I know there's a reason
    Maybe you were just meant to... more »