• I Lost You

    You were my best friend,
    But then I fell for you,
    You got mad,
    and I opened my big mouth,... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you because you are honest,
    I love you because you are sweet,
    I love you beacsue You were always there for me,
    I love you because you are wonderful,... more »

  • I Thought I Knew You

    I Thought I knew you,
    But I guess I was wrong,
    You once saidI was all you wanted,
    Then you turned around and left,... more »

  • It's Up To You

    One song can spark a moment,
    One flower can wake the dream,
    One tree can start a forest,
    One bird can start a song,... more »

  • You Were There

    When I was sad and all alone,
    You took me home,
    When all I wanted to do was cry,
    You wiped my tears dry,... more »

  • Your An Angel

    Your sweet as bubblegum,
    Your sweet as a kitten,
    Your sweet as a mother's love,
    Your sweet like God.... more »