• A Whisper

    My pale skin seems even more bare
    I’ll take your hand and touch me there
    Reaching down underneath
    My clothes your hands are beneath... more »

  • All Too Well

    His sex appeal is unreal
    His scent is with me still

    His kisses stop my heart... more »

  • Another Girl

    And tonight I'm here crying
    Seems like I just keep trying
    To catch your attention
    But then I hear your mention... more »

  • Catch Up

    My momma said she seen you today
    Said you didn’t look the same way
    You smiled and said hi to her
    Wish she would of got your number... more »

  • Daisies

    When we were four you helped me tie my shoes
    We walked outside into a world that was still so new
    Took a walk down that old dirt road
    Looking back now I should of known... more »

  • Everyone Was There

    Thinking about senior year
    Everyone was here
    Playing capture the flag at the park
    Didn’t stop ‘til it got dark... more »

  • Excuse Me Sir

    Taking a look in the mirror
    Nothing seems to be clear.
    Everything is a blur.
    Excuse me sir.... more »

  • Feel Like Falling

    You stole a kiss from me
    Right beside that old tire swing
    I tried to turn my head
    And you caught my nose instead... more »

  • Front Door

    He walks in the front door
    Got off work at two, it’s four
    Dinners ready but it’s cold
    This is starting to get old... more »

  • Harley T-Shirts

    Spade was his name, that’s right
    And oh boy, was he was a sight
    Harley t-shirts and old blue jeans
    Toughest guy you have ever seen... more »

  • Help

    I’m feeling disenchanted
    Like I’ve lost all of my chances
    Sitting here alone tonight
    Will everything turn out alright?... more »

  • His Little Girl

    She’s a precious little girl
    Her skin just like a pearl
    Fiery red hair and sky blue eyes
    Her beauty can’t be disguised... more »

  • I'D Believe Him

    I can talk to him for hours on end
    I write him things I’m not scared to send
    His smile shines so bright
    And I really think he’s right... more »

  • I'M Surprised

    I’m surprised by the look in his eyes
    He’s not like all the other guys
    I think he really likes me, for me
    I hope that this is the way it always will be... more »

  • Just Me Being Me

    I’m as small as a mountain and as tall as a mouse
    And yet I still think I’m beautiful inside and out
    I’m as soft as a boulder and as rough as a pearl
    I love my pale skin and I love that my hair curls... more »

  • Let's Talk

    Come lay down
    Voice equals sound
    Kiss my lips
    Touch fingertips... more »

  • Life Is Sweet

    It’s graduation night
    and something doesn’t feel right
    My friends and I are moving on
    Everyone is up and gone... more »

  • My Driver's License Brought Me To You

    I sit down for the picture and smile.. one of my best smiles.
    I looked a silly but only care for.. the first few miles.
    Do you want to take a drive? .. Just for a little while
    I know a place where we can lay on the hood of my car... more »

  • Panties

    She kicked your boots from under the bed
    Took back all the words that she had said
    I love you's and I miss you's
    She must not have had a clue... more »

  • She Misses Him

    She smiled every time she would say
    The name of her brother who passed away
    In November about a year ago
    Her tears and her sadness still show... more »

  • Spade

    I really thought he’d be here
    Buying me my very first beer
    Asking for a dance on my wedding day
    Smiling at the girl who caught the bouquet... more »

  • Touch

    Your forearm touches the door
    My high heels touching the floor
    Your eyes touching the clock
    My hands touching the lock... more »

  • Vodka

    Shake that bottle up
    Pour me a nice big cup
    Girls know how to fix things
    The things guys can’t bring... more »

  • You Lie, You Lose

    Say what you said again.
    You’re really my friend?

    You must be confused.... more »