• A Blank Page

    A blank page lies on my desk
    Clean and pure
    It lines crisp and hard
    I sit in front of it and take up my weapon,... more »

  • A Changed Person: A Complete Me

    I lay there
    Of what I could be?
    To whom I could prove to
    That I am me... more »

  • A Child Want To Say Something

    I.... more »

  • A Concept

    The world is a village,
    And we are its people.
    We are the same,
    But not always equal.... more »

  • A Forgotten Mother!

    Dear son, I hope and pray,
    Someday our paths, will cross!

    Each and every day I pray for you!... more »

  • A Fragile Soul

    Life is joyous and content
    Until I face that moment.
    When an innocent or deliberate act
    Wounds me with its impact.... more »

  • A Gift

    When someone smiles,
    someone cries,
    When someone laughs,
    someone sighs,... more »

  • A Harboured Soul

    I sailed upon the sea of disappointment,
    my raft was buffeted by bitter swells.
    I clung to my now battered life preserver
    as the wave of broken promises compelled... more »

  • A Leaf

    I have no control over my life.
    I am born to die
    that is the story of my life.
    I terrified the fall which ultimately,... more »

  • A Limerick

    Poetry inspired me early on.
    A quirky only child,
    I spent a fair amount of time reading alone
    in my pale blue bedroom... more »

  • A Man I Did Not Know

    I once climbed a mountain,
    to see what was on the other side.
    There I found a man,
    with his arms open wide.... more »

  • A Metaphor

    An entire life vanishes in a moment
    like a fantasy,
    Just a graceful story
    This is only real to me.... more »

  • A Mother's Love

    A mother's love is something that never ends
    It's not a matter of who or when.
    A mothers love is always there
    From the womb through to the rocking chair.... more »

  • A Pen Can Be Anything.

    A pen is such an ordinary thing.
    Take it for granted?
    We all readily do.
    We don't realize it.... more »

  • A Plea

    Mummy, sing me to sleep.
    I can't sleep mummy.
    Horrid dreams haunt me.
    Mummy, will you come from Heaven and hold me?... more »

  • A Prayer Today

    The dark-green sky,
    it swirls above.
    Dry mouthed and weak,
    sinks in.... more »

  • A Special Man

    A special man has walked this earth,

    Always giving of himself each and every day.... more »

  • A Woman: Whom I Am Missing A Lot.

    A woman who breathes life into the World
    Someone who loves no matter What
    She feeds and Comforts
    Till death and Beyond... more »

  • Abandoned

    You told me, 'I'll be there for you'
    whispered sweet nothings in my ear
    but when I seeked your guidance
    found that you were never here... more »

  • About A Little Girl.....

    My name is Mahfooz.
    I found a pretty Pinky,
    Will you take a look?... more »

  • About Me And My Writings.......

    Well, let’s see talking about myself
    is something I have never been fully comfortable with.
    So instead, let’s talk about my writings...
    I have no technical skills or any literary background.... more »

  • Afraid

    If I stop writing, will it all just go away?
    How can I see the truth behind my own eyes?
    When I am struggling to find the truth on the paper in front of me?
    If I stop writing will it all just go away?... more »

  • After Mumbai Massacre: Next Is What? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Blind to fearful faces,
    the blood on hands
    If only mind were slates,
    able to be wiped... more »

  • Aftermath: Back To Home

    I found the road
    that was left behind
    and none the worse for wear
    or time...... more »

  • Ahead

    Here is my today,
    Gone yesterday;
    Leaving strong unforgettable memories;
    Left behind, by a bright life ahead.... more »