• Imagination

    The twinkling stars beneath the earth
    and waver Island
    With seeds, blooming bulbs, drumbeats
    Lava and dinosaur bones... more »

  • In Between

    I am the spaces
    The silence... more »

  • In Her Rememberance

    Departed but not forgotten
    Missed but not lost,
    Loved for all her memory
    Her life it has cost.... more »

  • In Memoralia: A Tribute To My Father

    Why did you leave this world so early?
    You still had great things to do in your life.
    I know that your pain is gone,
    but I just want you back.... more »

  • In My Imagination

    I am a fearsome viking,
    Upon the stormy seas,
    Sailing in my gravy boat
    Across the Bay.... more »

  • In Search Of

    Today I rose and searched for God:
    I looked beneath a wooden chair,
    I peered in places very odd.... more »

  • In Special Way

    Thank you for being our mother
    mother of trio.....
    And bringing us into this world.
    Thank you for nourishing us... more »

  • In The Eyes Of A Dreamer.....

    Alone in the woods, a single leaf drops.
    Such a sight can encompass the purpose of life,
    If one knows how to look at it?... more »

  • In The Memory Of My Mother, Naseem.

    Only a few will ever have
    A claim to immortality.
    A name long surviving
    In the annals of posterity.... more »

  • India The Beautiful: Ohhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Oh India, India the beautiful
    India where the bravery is fruit
    Thy labour where is the smile from
    Face is the inhabitant of the country.... more »

  • Indian Male

    Is he the one who frowns when she is born?
    is he the one who grumbles when she grows up?
    is he the stumbling block when she goes to school?
    is he one who objects to her independence?... more »

  • Ingleesh Ees A Phunny Langwaje: A Humorous Look

    Eye no knot y eye right this weigh
    or if it makes cents two ewe,
    its just the weigh eye learned it all,
    was it the same whey fore ewe?... more »

  • Innate Child

    You are the child in me when are
    you going to come out.
    As you grow each day in me makes me
    wonder everyday about you.... more »

  • Innocent Child

    In the eyes of an innocent child, you see all, you know all.
    In the eyes of an innocent child, you know why the sky is blue and the
    leaves fall.
    In the eyes of an innocent child, There is no peace and there is no... more »

  • Inspiration

    If I had known
    Whittle a stick
    Way ward heart
    Scintilla of magic... more »

  • Inspiration From Newton's Law....

    The story
    goes like this…
    There is an apple, and
    there is a tree. “The apple, ” it... more »

  • Inspiration Retreats

    The sky turns to grey,
    As bleak winter approaches,
    Doubt overwhelms me.... more »

  • Intensity

    People always say I write too intense
    But how can something that you pour
    whole body, heart, mind, and soul into be
    too passionate?... more »

  • Is Like A Vision...

    Pages so soft but worn
    All scarred and torn
    Years of history in one book
    Emotions written in rhythmic ways... more »

  • It Doesn'T Matter.

    I never give up easily.
    After everything,
    how could I?
    I don't care that I never get in return.... more »

  • It Was Just A Dream

    Awake! Awake!
    I heard the call,
    So far away my memory crawled
    Along the dark and lonely pit... more »

  • It's Time To Go To Bed

    I guess it's time to rest,
    All of the days chores are done,
    All of the mistakes made are forgotten,
    To think about the day ahead,... more »

  • Journey: A Travel Through The Changes..

    slowly along,
    the stony path,
    across the slippery,... more »

  • Just A Thought?

    Look for a rainbow after the rain
    Look for hope after you cry
    Let happy thoughts feel your head
    Never let anyone discourage you... more »

  • Just About An Imagination.

    I Imagine a paper that is unstained in ink
    And I have given a day in forever to think.
    My pencil is sharpened, My mind is alight,
    And yet I cannot think of something to write.... more »