• Locked Vision.

    I can look up to the light
    whenever I feel sad -
    the sun will shine for me so bright.... more »

  • Loneliness

    I sits on the street corner.
    Hundreds of people pass by me without a
    They don't stop to raise a helping hand,... more »

  • Lost Innocence

    The small boy sits in the corner
    waiting for his father into return.
    He is afraid to move about,
    He might be punished for that also.... more »

  • Lost Love

    Sky has fallen with soft kisses from the rain.
    My heart breaks when I hear your name.
    Softness of your skin fills my head like a hurricane.
    Just to see you one more time before I go insane.... more »

  • Lost Pen

    I just found a pen
    The use no longer a need.
    A mystery
    What it locks or reopens... more »

  • Lost Words

    Because of words that were never spoken
    the truth is sometimes lost.
    With love there is suppose to be
    communication, but when silence... more »

  • Love Always: Words Unwritten

    These words I write are only for you,
    To help you smile whenever you are blue.
    With love and passion they flow from me,
    To the one I love and want to see.... more »

  • Love At A Glance

    I'm in love with you.
    Are you going to reciprocate?
    Am I going to get something out of this?
    I want you to love me.... more »

  • Love Is Many, Many Things

    Love your country,
    Love your life,
    Love your family,
    Especially your wife.... more »

  • Loving You Is A Sin

    My heart does cry with blood
    My eyes do tear with pain
    My feet tremble with fear
    Everyday it's hate I gain... more »

  • Lullaby For A Missing Child

    Little boy blue
    I would if I could
    Haul you up in my mended fishnet.... more »

  • Lynched

    Waiting alone in a quiet room
    Bad things are what I start to assume
    I wait longer and longer for the word to come
    As my body starts to feel nervous and numb... more »

  • Ma, Kiss The Pain Away

    When I was just a little boy and would hurt myself at play,
    I would run and find Ma, and she would kiss the pain away.
    The tears would turn to laughter; I was happy on my way.
    Oh, how I remember Ma when she kissed the pain away.... more »

  • Maa, You Don'T Know Me.

    Mom, I think you don't know me
    and I will keep it my way
    because if you knew me
    I don't know what you would say.... more »

  • Man Wishes To See......

    Where there is death, man sees a life.
    Where there is cowardice, man sees self-preservation.
    Where there is unnecessary violence,
    man sees no other possible option.... more »

  • Mantra

    Throughout the ages,
    We will find that the greatest impediment of progress and achievement
    has been and continues to be the individual impeding himself.
    The worst enemy of nearly all people is themselves.... more »

  • Marriage: Stages To Be Fololwed

    First, marriage should be love
    all encompassing, total, and free.
    Love that grows stronger each day
    soft murmurs of Thee, Thee, Thee.... more »

  • Maryam Again For You.; A Limerick

    When I need a friend,
    Maryam is there till the very end,
    And I will say this again and again,
    'please give me more comments'... more »

  • Maryam..... Its For U.....

    ... more »

  • May Be Just A Thought.

    Sometimes, most of the time,

    I wake up thinking about us,... more »

  • May Be One Day I Will Find Her: My True Soulmate.

    Sitting here down on the ground,
    pondering? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Will my love ever be found?
    With great hope I pray and wait,... more »

  • Maze: Hazy The Foggy

    All is hazy as you peer,
    through this wonder
    in which man cannot touch,
    there is a beauty too great... more »

  • Me, Mistakes And Honour

    I am the Captain of my soul.
    I determine what is important for me.
    Right or wrong in my eyes,
    it was my will which steered me through all of life's situations.... more »

  • Me: The Real One

    I want people to know me
    Not the person I pretend to be
    It is not the real me
    It is an act................ more »

  • Me: Wish To Be

    Internal conflicts
    of eternal desire
    unceasing passions
    flaming fire... more »