• My Ramblings

    Heat, Heat is the key to life.
    Without heat, we freeze, and cold.

    It does not matter if the door is open,... more »

  • My Real Dad

    He is not my father,
    the one who gave me life...
    He is the one who helped me,
    when I was burdened with strife.... more »

  • My Reward; My Dream

    I am standing in a grocery shop
    So many selections in view
    Chocolate, sweets, balls, candies
    Bubble Gums on which I could chew …..... more »

  • My Room

    The room I'm in has many doors.
    The keys are seldom found.
    When I choose to take a path
    I end up back around.... more »

  • My Share

    I picked today a flower
    one will never see
    I took in its aroma
    and held it close to me.... more »

  • My Specs

    I closed my eyes,
    crouched in the corner,
    almost kissing the wall
    then I opened my eyes once more.... more »

  • My True Love

    Doll asked Mahfooz if he thought
    she was pretty,
    Mahfooz said, 'No',
    She asked him if he would want to be her forever... more »

  • My True Love...

    You are my everything
    you are my lover and my friend
    the one I confide to
    when I am sad, happy, or I... more »

  • My Utopia

    Awakening from darkness I embark on my journey
    The drought of this soul longs ardent inspection
    Serene truths mirrored in life tell my story
    In radiant shadows I now know Allah's reflection.... more »

  • My Wishes

    To discuss over literature
    with Shri. Rajendra Yadav
    To sing a song with Lata Mangeshkar
    and to play cricket with Sunil Gavaskar... more »

  • Mysteries Left Unsolved

    How else to rely on plans?
    So, the future we too see
    a better place,
    so we be careful... more »

  • Mystery?

    My reality is my intuitions
    My dreams;
    my simple thoughts
    My wildest imaginations is my 'event' to happenings... more »

  • Need

    I need a mother who would love me
    I need a mother who would take care of me
    I need a mother who would understand me
    I need a mother for who I am... more »

  • Never Again

    I long for you day and night
    and I cry for you to be mine... more »

  • Never Quit

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will;
    When the road you are trudging seems all up hill;
    When the funds are low, and the debts are high;
    And you want to smile, but have to sigh;... more »

  • Never Want To Lose....

    So frail,
    yet so intense
    A fleeting moment,
    or a glorious day... more »

  • New Era

    ... more »

  • News: Epic Of Demon's Death

    To hear some news,
    the village men gathered close around.
    The town crier began and no one made the slightest sound.
    'The dead men's bones where found bleaching,... more »

  • No Mind

    The song of no mind
    Need not rhyme,
    Nor make lick of sense.
    As long as is beat steady,... more »

  • No Need To Be Scared Of The Dark....Beta

    Don't worry child of mine
    you will grow up brave and tall.

    You will reach up high and touch the sky,... more »

  • No One

    ... more »

  • Not Ashamed Of

    I close my eyes
    in search of a better place
    where I no longer hide my face.... more »

  • Not The Same.

    People criticize, analyze
    but they don't realize
    what I realize, don't you see?
    I am not the same as you... more »

  • Nothing Into Something

    Caterpillars moulting in their cocoon,
    Peacefully waiting to become butterflies.
    Winds picking up and gathering clouds,
    Becoming a storm and subsiding again,... more »

  • Nothing Is Impossible: If You Have A Hope.........

    Anything is Possible
    with a little faith
    not in others, but in yourself
    to achieve and set goals... more »