• Nothing To Offer Just Thanks Mom....

    Never had the chance to say
    Thank you for letting me live this life.
    I thank you for punishing me when I was young,
    just to make me wiser, without it today where... more »

  • Nothing Without You.

    At first we loved,
    We met at the mall,
    and we talked ever since.
    We stood starring at each other,... more »

  • Often Joyous.

    Thinking of others,
    especially their souls,
    keeps us unselfish
    with very high goals.... more »

  • Oh! Dream Dispersed......

    A walk in the park,
    Mom's hand in mine,
    We will be here till dark,
    But home before nine!... more »

  • On Completion Of 500th Poem

    I felt a demon leave tonight
    I spoke the name of God
    the demon had me terrified
    until I looked and saw the light... more »

  • On The Brink Of.

    A wicked way the wind blows strong,
    tighten the craft and strengthen the tie.
    Ripping the sheets from the line does the
    wind torment?... more »

  • Once I Was Told.

    My mom once said to me,
    that two wrongs don't make a right
    That it's always better to walk away from a fight
    Fighting fire with fire will only get everyone burnt... more »

  • One Day I Will Meet You Again.

    My mom is gone,
    but not forgotten that's for sure.........
    As I write this poem,
    tears have poured down my face... more »

  • One Sentence Broke Me

    I am singing right, singing of heart felt joy
    Yet I can feel the tears stream down my face,
    I have recieved what my soul has yearned for,
    Has begged, pledded, and dreamed for,... more »

  • Only Wish..............I Want......

    The only wish I want and need,
    Will give me time to do my deeds;
    I want this wish I know I do,
    But,... more »

  • Open Them

    Open them, open them
    let the light shine,
    Release the binds
    of chains and twine.... more »

  • Optimism

    Blood falls to the ground as I slowly wait.
    Waiting, for reaction from this beast,
    known as fate.
    And if I continue to devour, until, forever more.... more »

  • Our Soul's Movement... A Hysterical Movement.

    On the reverse
    of the world
    without real life
    at the door... more »

  • Out Everytime: The Survival

    Sometimes your survival,
    Is like Sunday mornings,
    And You own it
    And I don't know it,... more »

  • Over

    So, now it is finally over,
    I just came to you,
    For the final talk,
    By the order of the Allah... more »

  • Own Creation: A Story

    The story of my life,
    Is the story of today,
    It's the story of tomorrow,
    And the story of yesterday.... more »

  • Own Viewpoints

    To be is to be
    whatever one may interpret from,
    for life is a beautiful piece of art.
    Yet, like art it has no primary function... more »

  • Pages Of Life.

    Life is like a rough Sailing boat
    journeying in a stormy and wavy seas
    trying to traverse the angry waves
    in the midst of uncertainty and darkness... more »

  • Pain And Vain

    As I searched the depths of my heart
    for love I know was once delightful
    the security became a stranger
    a result of ruins in an eyeful... more »

  • Pain In Dream

    Oh! who is this?
    Troubling me in my
    sound sleep,
    Let me be with my dreams,... more »

  • Paperplane.

    Paper airplanes dip from view,
    All made the same,
    Their folds, their creases sharp,
    And when it seems that all is lost,... more »

  • Part 2

    Main bite nahi kar raha hoon…….fatima immroz
    Main pareshan ho chukka hoon ab………

    Nor I am yelling……….... more »

  • Part 3

    Aaj main sab final kah ke hi rahoonga......Fatima Imroz.....
    Qki main yeh roz roz ka tension nahi chahta hoon.....

    Arey! chalo..... jo ho gaya so ho gaya........ more »

  • Part 4

    bahut pareshan ho gaya hoon main......
    ab main kuch nahi sun sakta.....
    maine tumhare saath bahut piously pyar kiya tha....... more »

  • Pave Another Day.

    I wake to my alarm clock,

    As I begin my day,
    I hope all will be well.... more »