• Reading

    Mummy read a book to me,
    Read a book right now
    Mummy read a book to me,
    Because I don't know how... more »

  • Real Man: Somewhat I Am....

    A real man is...
    Someone who cares, who never lies
    And is always there
    A real man is........ more »

  • Realization And Feelings

    ... more »

  • Realizing The Inspiration.

    It helps us to learn,
    It determines the reason,
    Why we made that turn?... more »

  • Reasoning Room

    Is it wrong for a man to want to be perfect?
    Should he be denied the chance to?
    Rid himself of the impurities in his personality?
    I stay a night in the reasoning room... more »

  • Reflection

    I Gather up all my courage
    Be ready to lose my pride
    I think I am ready,
    To see myself as I really am?... more »

  • Remember My Words

    People are sick, starving, and poor,
    afraid to come out in the day.
    Afraid they will get struck down in their door,
    afraid doctors won't find a way.... more »

  • Renaissance

    I am falling,
    engulfed in,
    an endless darkness.
    Someone catch me... more »

  • Rest: A Rejuvenation

    in the world I took such a hit;
    I have laid down my weapons,
    finally quit.... more »

  • Retirement

    Retirement's a time we all hope to find,
    With no clock to watch except in our mind.
    The daily demands of the job that you choose,
    Take its toll, and you worry, afraid you will lose... more »

  • Rex: My New Doggie............

    I have got a dear and treasured friend,
    you may be know him too
    More humble, meek, and gentle he
    of human beings (Dogs) I ever knew.... more »

  • Rex: My Puppy Dog

    You sit beside me patiently
    with eyes
    of puppy dog brown.... more »

  • River

    I am a river with the strength of sky and earth;
    Once, a stream who deemed to play every day since birth;
    Just a small ripple, a trickle, under the sun;
    With nothing to do but bubble, giggle and run.... more »

  • River Of Reflection

    A river flowing peacefully;
    vibrant, splendid tranquility.
    Past fields and villages so quaint.
    Canopies boast endless leaves,... more »

  • Saddam Hussain

    On the news today I heard them say
    The Iraqis hung Saddam today.
    There's little to say of Saddam beside
    He lived more respectfully than he died.... more »

  • Satyam Infotech

    We have been reading in the news,
    And viewing television's breaking Line
    About all those who have lied
    And been caught in their lies,... more »

  • Save Me Dad.

    Daddy, I see you
    reaching for me,
    crawling ever-so-slowly
    toward my jammed seat belt,... more »

  • Say No To Quit

    When things go wrong as they sometimes will
    When the road you are trudging seems all up hill
    When the funds are low and the debts are high
    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh... more »

  • Scorpion Characteristics

    Forget gravitational pull
    Forgotten? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    and soar into the sky
    I soar............ more »

  • Scorpion Characteristics

    My reality is my intuitions
    my dreams;
    my simple thoughts;
    my wildest imaginations is my 'event' to happenings... more »

  • See This Boy

    This boy says he is a king,
    and he can be all he can be,
    he lives life like royalty,
    and love being who he be............... more »

  • See This Boy.

    The voice of the little boy sitting by the spring
    Throwing in rocks while he sings
    He is staring at his reflection
    As the water changes direction... more »

  • Selfishness: I Am Innocent

    Explosions ring out.
    Disturbing the peaceful night.
    Cries of pain all around.
    Blood floods the streets.... more »

  • Sensex Down

    East winds blow hot and dry,
    another year crops fail,
    Soon the count will be eight,
    the east wind still prevail.... more »

  • Shattered Heart

    I keep telling myself theres no way
    for anyone to feel this way
    for another human being
    there is no way my love for you will be leaving... more »