• Aim And Pain.

    Life brings so much pain.

    I try to aim for the fame.... more »

  • Alone And Helpless

    Crying all alone while you walk away.
    Feeling naked and helpless,
    After telling you all my secrets.... more »

  • Am I A Mama's Boy?

    As youngsters, we see a mama's boy,
    as a bad thing,
    Even though she sees and treats you like her little king.
    Knowing the poisons of the world, she hopes you won't go astray,... more »

  • Am I In Love Again? May Be Or May Be Not

    I can't see criss-cross crust of market-cooked pie
    Without imagining hands held and once again wondering why.
    Shivering in excitement,
    I buy the pie and more... more »

  • An Angel

    When the world turned dark and life seems
    Meaningless to me,
    An angel fell from the Heaven
    and saved my dying soul.... more »

  • An Ant

    There is an ant upon my shirt!
    Just climbing to the top!
    She sees the spot of dirt
    And flicks the ant right off!... more »

  • An Eternal Truth

    Water-smoothly glide
    across the deep-mirrored lake
    of my reflections.... more »

  • An Ode To My Late Mother.

    I long for the brush of your finger tips,
    Gently pulling my hair into place,
    Forming the braids upon my head.
    I long for your whispers at night,... more »

  • An Outlet

    The deep within calls unto deep;
    Yet, I am imprisoned by my vows.
    Passion burns; my plight, not to let the flame die!
    Fear of subdued tolerance; acceptance of Apathy!... more »

  • An Untold Ode

    You told me to do this, you told me to do that,
    If I don’t agree, you resort to combat.
    You did not like my friends; you did not like my girl friends,
    When you had an opinion, you never shy... more »

  • And My Soul, Fades Away

    When there's no one left,
    and everyone is gone
    Slowly slowly drifting away,
    no one notices as I walks astray... more »

  • Animals

    I Love all animals
    So Beautiful to see... more »

  • Anonymous

    ... more »

  • Anonymous Intent

    Peaceful soul,
    awsome whole,
    have peace,
    my friends,... more »

  • Another Reason...

    This world and I,
    we live in
    a map;
    all else is given... more »

  • Another Year

    We all start off so very young,
    With most making it to be old.
    Wondering how we survived so long
    In a world so cold?... more »

  • As Grass

    We grow as a seed
    its only
    love and water
    we shall need... more »

  • At Last.... For All Of Mankind....

    We all look and try to find
    May be just to satisfy our minds
    Each generation has strived to find.... more »

  • At Least Mine

    I always want me out,
    me out, of bad situations,
    unhealthy environments,
    abusive relationships,... more »

  • At The Jogger's Park

    Jango and i went to the park
    kicked a ball
    Jango had a fall
    but still got up... more »

  • Athiest: Pray All Time

    I close my eyes.
    I bow my head.
    I half open my hands together.... more »

  • Back To Childhood: Sometimes It's The Little Things That Help The Most

    The children are tucked all snug in their beds
    The bathwater runs with billowing steam
    My book and my cookies so near to my reach
    It’s finally time for my stay-awake dream.... more »

  • Ball The Time

    Sometimes I think I made the right choice, when I didn't?

    Sometimes I make the right choice and I didn't know.... more »

  • Basis Of Life

    I need a sip
    In the nocturnal desert
    Lips so dry
    without you... more »

  • Beautiful Mother Would Be! ! ! ! ! !

    One day she feels funny, in the morning she got sick
    Started to get bigger, then she feels the baby kick
    Some days she feels ugly, she thinks she looks too fat
    Other days she is moody, and acts just like a brat... more »