• Sorry!

    There's nothing I can say to fix what has happened
    So I'm not even going to start saying I'm sorry when I'm not
    Sorry doesn't always make things better
    Sorry doesn't always help... more »

  • Soul In The Mirror

    Take a look in the mirror
    and see a beautiful person looking back;
    Without focusing on the outer appearance
    but on, what's hidden beyond the skin.... more »

  • Special Person

    There someone special that you love,
    Now it's time to share how the person is.
    How this person can light up a room,
    Even in the darest gloom.... more »

  • Special Rose

    Although you are not with us
    You are and always will be our rose.
    Time is soon to be gone, as memories are fading fast.
    I'll always remember when we were kid and going places.... more »

  • Statue: Sculpture That Would Remain

    I always look in one direction
    I wear a mask, both night and day
    Designed to scale and ones perfection
    Time commands what comes my way.... more »

  • Steady Aim

    I think that I am blessed with greatness
    Because thoughts of greatness are in my head
    It never occurred to me that the thoughts are dead
    So I always does a thing.... more »

  • Step Mother

    The battles, the anger
    the hatred she shows
    I still try so hard
    to make sure that she knows... more »

  • Step-Mom: My Father’s Wife.

    I am so blessed that you are my step mom;
    Let me tell you how I feel:
    The deep affection I have for you
    is honest, true and real.... more »

  • Still Learning; I Think So.......

    I am still learning!
    That's the answer
    But,... more »

  • Stolen Time

    Fun, games, talking with friends,
    will I ever do any of this again?
    time goes by so quickly now,
    days, weeks, months, and years.... more »

  • Stop Calling Me A Sinner.

    Now stop calling me a sinner,
    If I am the sinner,
    Reason is you…..... more »

  • Strength Of A Mother's Love

    A poem,
    from a heart that's true,
    To tell of the love I have for you.
    The day you left is still hard to take,... more »

  • Strong Faith

    Stress and concerns disappear for me
    when I have faith that the highest power
    which determines the universe,
    call that what we as, Allah,... more »

  • Strong 'now'

    is made of many moments of "now" and
    The future is a projected illusion
    of the mind that might not ever be.... more »

  • Struggle Between.......? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    I know a place
    Where sun shall never die
    Where I dared to tread
    and rest beneath the sky………..... more »

  • Success Means To Me?

    I see people every day
    Striding confidently through life
    And I just want that in the worst way
    To be established and secure... more »

  • Success Needs A Fire = Junoon

    Hopes of life;
    Fate always shatters
    Try we must;
    success never matters... more »

  • Success: A Little Bit Extra Waiting.

    I start something,
    It is important,
    First on my list,
    Success!... more »

  • Suddenly

    As I walk down
    this path of life
    I wonder what I will be
    nothing has been clear to me... more »

  • Sunset Sweeps Across The Sky.

    Sunset sweeps across the sky,
    Hues of gentle face.
    Blues of brilliant tones,
    Obscure the night's approach.... more »

  • Sweet Memories

    Oh sweet memory,
    my heart breaks deep inside.
    Oh sweet memory,
    it's you I'm trying to hide.... more »

  • Symphony In The Trees

    Sitting on a stone near a field of grass,
    With nothing to do but let the time pass.... more »

  • Take Me To The World Of Books.

    Take me to a world where crocodiles fly
    and dinosaurs prowl
    Take me to a world where good always pervades
    Take me to a place where I forget all my troubles... more »

  • Talking Rocks

    My mind wanders back,
    from time to time,
    to the place of the winding road
    where first I saw her…... more »

  • Tears

    Is wont make you cry! !
    this poem is for a Girl I dated and I... more »