• To The Power Of Woman, God Bless Them

    The eyes of a woman hold power untold.
    With a wink or a coy stare a woman
    can enthrall the heartiest of men.
    What is the strength,... more »

  • To Unlock The Door To Dreams

    Lift up my head and reveal to self
    The beauty that lies beneath
    Look up above at the vast open plains
    Make a wish, just once again......... more »

  • To You Right Now.

    Just to let you know
    I would never want
    To let you go
    Now i feel... more »

  • Today's Decisions Tomorrow's Future

    Forgetting all my care
    Soaking the night's air
    As I sit in the gentle breeze
    It almost brings me to my knees.... more »

  • Together...

    I once looked into your eyes,
    and saw eternity gazing back at me... more »

  • Tomorrow Comes....?

    May tomorrow be the day
    of knowing which way to go
    and to help me decide
    which emotions to let flow?... more »

  • Tomorrow Gently Falls

    The patter of the winter falling gently upon my memories,
    While the softness of the silence
    Takes me to another place,
    Another time.... more »

  • Tomorrow Might Be Right.

    Struggle through darkness,
    to make things right,
    It seems to be that all around,
    pockets of light await to be found,... more »

  • Train Of Thoughts

    There is a train running through my mind.
    Non-stop keeps on coming at a speed of lightening,
    rain is pouring on the tracks
    Now you are wishing you never look back.... more »

  • Treached

    Even though she hurts me
    And even though I cry
    I will always love her
    It's hard to say goodbye... more »

  • True Happiness.

    Happiness is knowing,
    that you are truly loved,
    But that someone special.... more »

  • True Self

    I gather up my Soul

    unto the glow of spirit light,... more »

  • Trust No One But Yourself!

    Who Can You Trust?
    Who Can you trust in the world today?
    Your friends?
    They'll be just as trifling as your enemy... more »

  • Trusting Allah

    Life is good, life is great,
    in the hands of Allah do we all stand tall.
    Trust in him, to guide and direct thy sorrow, thy pain and
    happiness we ascertain.... more »

  • U.F.O.

    Landing in a foreign place
    You see something ahead.
    But you can't tell what?
    You start to get up... more »

  • Understanding Life

    I have seen life and didn't understand

    I have been taught, but didn't learned... more »

  • Unlock The Door

    Unicorns, dragons and elves
    are here inside of our very selves
    wish hard enough, will see
    fairy tales are meant to be.... more »

  • Unsaid

    Cast a net,
    to catch a shadow
    What hope do I have?
    What lead do I follow?... more »

  • Unsent Letters

    On my desk of memories
    lies a blank page,
    an unaddressed envelope,
    and pretty pictures of my love.... more »

  • Until I Am Fulfilled

    My fate is my doing,
    I will not stand by
    I cannot let others
    Choose my life………….... more »

  • Until The End.

    My heart and mind are one
    joined in harmony,
    they run to a place where field meets tree,
    the smell of freedom engulfs me... more »

  • Until The Very End..................

    You are mine, my half,
    The one I can confide in, until the end.
    The one who has seen every tear,
    Whose hands boldly hold all of my fears.... more »

  • Until Then........

    I am unable to sleep at night,
    and my soul knows no flight.
    I roam around off track,
    as my thoughts seems black.... more »

  • Until................Words Are Soft...........

    The words are soft and rolled in mist.

    Now the mountain returns... more »

  • Upon Childhood

    I remember days
    When light flickered the world a new
    And the earth extended her arms
    With acceptance.... more »