• Vanished Childhood

    ... more »

  • Upon The Shelf?

    There is something different in my home
    An emptiness that cannot be filled
    It embraces me when I am all alone
    When my home is quiet and still.... more »

  • Vanishing Love

    I'm still your loving partner
    can't you wash away all your
    wrath and resentments,
    Try to understand my sentiments... more »

  • Vibrant Play Of Words: A Ponder

    Sitting alone -
    With two trees:
    Black trunks, horizontal branches
    Stretch a pattern on the sky,... more »

  • Vichaar.......: A Thought

    Apko kisi ko paaney ke liye
    Kuch karne ki zaroorat nahi padti,
    agar wo insaan waaqaee mein
    Aapse pyar karta hoga... more »

  • Vision To Return

    The vast sky opened it's arms to carry me,
    The journey was to a new experience,
    Warmth, openness, comfort and waiting,
    Old charm,... more »

  • Void Words

    So many words had been spoken.
    But I couldn't get what is given.
    Prose and poems had been written.
    But I couldn't feel a thing even then.... more »

  • Vow

    I made a vow today,
    To do the best I am able,
    To live peaceably with all
    As much as I know how,... more »

  • Waiting For My Father

    Cigarette in hand
    cap on his head
    leaving again
    every week... more »

  • Warming Foresight: I Did'Nt..... I Am Not

    You probably won't believe this,
    But when I was in my teens
    I was told I could be a star,
    The best they had ever seen.... more »

  • We Are Indians.

    Because we are Indians,
    We pray,
    Because we are Indians,
    We sing of joy and peace,... more »

  • We As Humans

    We as humans,
    never truly appreciate the numerous blessings,
    we have been granted during our journey through life.
    Far too often, one of our human deficits,... more »

  • We Never Know

    For some we go the mile,
    But then we wonder with a smile,
    Should we do it?
    or do it not for them...... more »

  • Well Served

    Every humiliation
    Every pain
    Every tear
    Every strain.... more »

  • What A Silly Thing?

    Aaaaah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Finally I got a ticket to my dream,
    I travelled in the adventure of me against,
    many small flying things.... more »

  • What Do You Do?

    What do you do when you think you're in love?
    And that love comes from far up above?
    When you first notice the feelings,
    do you show them?... more »

  • What Hurts More

    It hurts more to laugh than it does to cry,
    It hurts more to live than it does to die,
    Sorrow releases and gives me hope,
    Somehow someday I'll learn to cope,... more »

  • What I Am Looking For?

    I try and I try
    and yet it is still hard to find what am I
    looking for.
    I still am not sure but I continue to look... more »

  • What I Believe In You……

    I am proud to be called your child
    I am proud to serve and praise you
    I am proud to stand up in favour of you
    I am proud that you have put me on this earth to serve you.... more »

  • What I Have Been Made For……..

    Like a bird I am free
    to chart the course I have always dreamed,
    lift my head, flap my wings,
    the journey is about to begin.... more »

  • What I Learned?

    Many lessons have come along late in life for me.
    For instance, as obvious, as it seems,
    I have begun to realize that my lack of self-esteem
    has kept me from sharing my abilities and insights.... more »

  • What I Need?

    I hate when I try to be foolish,
    I hate when I try to be cool,
    I can't believe how I am acting,
    as if am a fool............. more »

  • What I See

    I write what I see,
    I believe a poet is the eyes to the world,
    and so a lot of what I write tends
    toward sadness and tragedy.... more »

  • What I Usually Say To Me?

    To get depressed,
    just think bad thoughts,
    Or may be about all those,
    battles you have fought,... more »

  • What If?

    What if the world lived in peace?
    And all the sheep had perfect fleece?
    What if there were no wars?
    Would this world be such a bore?... more »