• You Are You

    I love you because you make me happy
    I love you because you make me feel safe and secure
    I love your words
    on yahoo messenger... more »

  • You Can'T Borrow My Pen

    It’s rainy….......or maybe it’s sunny
    Either way, I drew a wonderful day,
    And I drew a dream with the sky as my ceiling
    You can’t come in, but no hard feelings... more »

  • You Didn'T Loved Me

    You went and broke my heart into,
    And now you want me to be what?
    You even told me you loved me so,
    So I think there's something you should know.... more »

  • You: God

    I wake up a new.
    My mind is yours-
    Forever on You
    My heart beats because You say.... more »

  • Your Home

    I invite you to meet me where the water finds the sand.
    Where the waves whisper a sea of secrets remaining untold.
    I will be there when the moon shows it face,
    and the sky has gathered a million stars as its blanket.... more »

  • Zakhm

    Majboori ki dahleez par usool
    Burf ke dher ki tarah pighal jaatey hain
    Padta hai jab bebasi se saamna
    Dil ke armaan ghut kar rah jaatey hain|... more »

  • Zeal Of Winning

    Ambitious Being optimistic
    Caressing my dreams.
    Doing what is right?
    Evolving into a new person,... more »

  • Zindagi Ek Kavita

    Zindagi bhi ek kavita ki tarah hai,
    Kuch ummeedon ki, kuch chahton ki,
    Gham jiska sheershak hai,
    bhavna jiska ghar,... more »