• Because He Protects

    He goes to work every day,
    He put his life on the line,
    He protects those who hates him,
    they hate him because he protects,... more »

  • Because I Am Now Satisfied

    What is this?
    How I have come to such great bliss?
    How have I come to truly shine?
    in such a short amount of time.... more »

  • Because I Can......

    It is I who enables me
    To smile inspite of pangs
    To carry on myself when I feel like giving in
    To pray when I am at a loss for words....... more »

  • Because I Knew

    I remember,
    as a very young child mom's loving touch.
    It had a delightfully delicious feel of warmth
    and security upon my senses.... more »

  • Because Life Truly Matters

    A small gesture means the world
    To this boy with no mother.
    A fool's feeling of warmth
    By such a small and delicate force.... more »

  • Before I Lose The Strength....

    I have passed this way before
    Will I pass this way again?
    Lead me to that eternal land
    On the road made of sand.... more »

  • Begging

    Every day I think,
    I wonder,
    I miss.............. more »

  • Beginning

    Words; to assume

    Words; to consume... more »

  • Being Me…….. Myself.....

    Would I be somebody else,
    And not who I am,
    Like a famous musician,
    And play a guitar?... more »

  • Best: Yet To Come

    Faith and hope, it always keeps me strong,

    Every moment that nothing will go wrong.... more »

  • Beyond The Grief.

    It seems as if we are stalled by our grief,
    unable to move away from it – and I wonder
    if we will ever get over the loss of you. In time
    they say we will, that one day we will finally be free... more »

  • Blind To See

    Temptation is calling card.
    casually drops it
    the sins that have
    always been a weakness,... more »

  • Blue Stands For________?

    I wish I were blue like the sky
    or blue like a sapphire.
    If only I were as dark as blueberry.
    Blue means peace,... more »

  • Born To Have Own Rules.

    Not knowing who I am?

    Understanding not where I stand?... more »

  • Bounding Leap

    When I look at my face in the sunshine
    My heart I hear beating is pure.
    I know the Allah has given me strength,
    More than he has given others before.... more »

  • Bowl Full Of Sky Is In My Mind.

    I took it upon myself one day,
    To fill a bowl with sky
    I scooped the vast space with a spoon,
    The sparkling blue stars brought tears to my eyes.... more »

  • Boy Behind The Wall

    The boy behind the wall,
    Oh! How I hear his woes.
    He speaks of wisdom
    which no one knows.... more »

  • Brand New Fate

    Mistakes change our whole existence.
    They create uproar,
    and build resistance,
    in a soul intended to soar.... more »

  • Broken Woman

    Shattered glass,
    Cigarette ash,
    Muffled cries for help in pain,
    Cries in vain,... more »

  • But My Tears........

    I am the pain
    in your eyes
    I am the one that makes you cry
    may be I am the one that should go... more »

  • But No.

    When I go to sleep at night
    the thoughts on my mind
    At times those thoughts make me smile
    Other times I go through denial... more »

  • But What About What I Want?

    Everyone expects something different from me
    they all set standards that I can't measure up to.
    My parents want a scholar.
    My employer wants the perfect employee.... more »

  • Called To Succeed But Afraid...

    The bright lights of fame keep calling to me,
    They want me to be the one they seek,
    They tell me I am good but I do not believe,
    They tell me I am strong but I know I am weak,... more »

  • Can Anybody Hear Me?

    I can't blame the rain for all my pain
    I can't blame the clouds
    Can anybody hear me?
    Because I can't... more »

  • Can Be So Easily Destroyed

    This earth is so grand,
    It is the only planet,
    Rich enough to harbour life,
    it is so strong,... more »