• Different From The Rest....To Be The Very Best

    Being different from the rest
    was bursting a move and breaking from the crowd.
    Being different meant being bold.
    Being different meant taking risks for success.... more »

  • Discarded Love

    Emotions run deep,
    to the heart.
    They keep people together,
    people pull them apart.... more »

  • Do I Care?

    Even if I acted like I was invisible.
    I wish I would say 'ha! Ha! '
    I am different,... more »

  • Do Love Need Words?

    Words can hold us,
    Ensnared by strings,
    Inconsequential in size alone,
    And yet, I walks before words... more »

  • Don't Judge By The Cover.

    When people look at me I wonder what they see.
    do they see the real me or the clothed me?
    the clothed me represents my mind,
    hoods and trackies means I want to be comfy and hide my... more »

  • Don't You See

    At times I have a tendency
    to hurt as much as you
    You may think I am stronger but..
    What I say is true...... more »

  • Dream

    When I was a little boy playing with bicycle and sipping tea,
    I would have a vision of what things were going to be.
    I would wear a veil and a boxing gloves all made of leather,
    I 'd have a loving girl beside me but, I never saw her face.... more »

  • Dream I Once Had

    The wind was changing again
    I had walked towards her,
    Sitting, in jeans and T-shirt
    Unaware... more »

  • Dreams

    Dreams are like doorways,
    to a soul that has been buried,
    as I stood there I could see,
    with absolute clarity the betrayal,... more »

  • Dreams Lost

    Chasing wishes, planting dreams
    the moonlit sky and how we gleamed
    walks at night with the misty rain
    watching flowers while holding hands... more »

  • Dreams Unlimited: The Other Side Of The Bay

    Sometimes it feels,
    So near
    So close.
    Focus... more »

  • Dried Leaves: A Sweet Childhood Memory.

    Walking across the lawn to go,
    I stepped on an old brown dried-up leaf.
    The sound of the crunch of that leaf as I saw what it was
    released a sweet childhood memory of fall afternoons.... more »

  • Droplets Of Ideas

    Slip the shackles of this clumsy world,
    Step sideways into the world of confusion,
    A plane of existence without end.
    The wellspring whose tributaries flow into each of us... more »

  • Dry Tears

    I have cried so many tears
    Now, I am dry,
    my pain has built up so deep within me,
    Now, I am silenced,... more »

  • Endless Vistas

    The thrill of a blank sheet of paper?
    Still get it.
    The joy of inky black marks that say 'Here be words',
    Still feel breathing down neck, wanting to exist,... more »

  • Entangled Words..

    Words are the broken mirror
    reflecting an imperfect world,
    now they stick to the fridge
    and you can mess with them all the day;... more »

  • Except Me And Future.

    There are the shiny bright lights
    that show me the way to the future
    but in these millions of shimmering lights
    I can't see the beacon to find my way through life…..... more »

  • Fade Away

    Sometimes I think
    If I disappeared
    wouldn't be even notice.
    A replaceable toy... more »

  • Fair Explanation

    Cold on the Fringe
    I am to survive.
    And survive I will
    Against all odds... more »

  • Faithful Reflections

    Mirrors reflect
    how successful you have been?
    moulding yourself,
    look as you want to seem.... more »

  • Falling Star: Wishes To Come True

    I wish upon a falling star,
    And wonder who is not so far...
    The one I long for when I sleep,
    The one I want to hold and keep.... more »

  • Fatherless Son

    This home is broken
    It's been this way for to long
    All the words you've spoken
    They always come out wrong... more »

  • Fear

    Calm fills the air
    as day falls away
    with tender care,
    I'll quietly say,... more »

  • Fear: Never Ending Zone

    I stand here alone
    Thinking about how insecure I feel.

    Alone in a never ending zone,... more »

  • Feeling Of Being Alone

    A wolf howls to the night sky
    I watch from afar, wondering why
    Why is he wandering alone in the night?
    Did he give up without a fight?... more »