• Feelings

    My feelings are alway's hurt,
    if it's by a friend,
    a girl, my parent's or my beloved
    I will never have... more »

  • Feelings Flying Free

    I let my feelings flow,
    And crash onto the paper down below.

    Telling how I feel,... more »

  • Figure Out

    Across the field of deep emerald green,
    The figure of a man is often seen,
    There are those that claim surely it's me
    But this cannot be because.......... more »

  • Final Abode

    I just want to be satiate
    when I die
    Cast amidst pretty flowers
    and calm feelings... more »

  • Find Me......

    Bells ring
    time to awake
    to a new day
    a new beginning... more »

  • Fire Is Still Alive.

    But what of the fire?
    Its wood has been scattered,
    But the embers still dance.
    Though the fire is tiny,... more »

  • Flag Of India

    My country India's flag has three colors,
    Some have more,
    Some have less.... more »

  • Floating

    I hold on tight and I am nurtured.
    Loved by my mother and father.
    I let go as my colours change.
    Excitedly the breeze takes me.... more »

  • Flying Without Wings

    I feel like an eagle without wings.
    For with wings,
    I can fly high in the sky
    and see for miles.... more »

  • For My Critics

    They and my so called friends who

    tried to make me cry.... more »

  • For Them Who Wants To Compete With Me....

    Music stems from chaos,
    so I will lead this symphony...
    Play with me and I will demonstrate tragedy.
    Trust when I say, It's not out of fate...,... more »

  • Frog

    Every frog must croak
    That is no joke
    Agile is the lowly frog
    Eating insects, leaving bugs, mosquitoes agog... more »

  • Fulfillment Of My Existence

    Never asked to be here
    This place is too crowded with......
    Where was my guidance when I needed it?
    A worst son equals a great father....... Really? ? ? ? ? ? ?... more »

  • Future

    Aim is my aim,
    need is my tomorrow,
    want is my future,
    All I need is where my future would stand,... more »

  • Gentle Rain: Simple Pleasures

    The gentle rain is falling
    It washes out my soul
    As I stand beneath it
    It makes my body whole.... more »

  • Girl Moans!

    Sunshine glowing in the back, slightly through the porch, little girl saying, oh daddy
    Daddy, my friend wants you to meet, see our friendship, oh so deep, but daddy say’s go... more »

  • Give Me Your Hand.

    I want to be child again,
    would like to fly my kite (soul)
    high and high,
    like a free a bird... more »

  • God Had Sent Him To Be With Me In This Ephemeral World.

    I had a faithful companion,
    Jango was his name,
    He was my little toy poodle,
    He made pleasing me his game.... more »

  • God Will Catch.

    What is it?
    How do I explain Faith?
    To me it is like a child standing on a table top...... more »

  • God! Gives You More, Not Less.

    Almighty is the best
    Just sit down and rest.
    Just talk to Almighty and
    Do what he says and... more »

  • Going With Your Memories

    When the time comes to depart
    It's without the will of the heart

    But I am going with your memories... more »

  • Good Morning...

    Smoking fog,
    tea ready to wire,
    sun reverberates,
    footsteps on the run,... more »

  • Goodbye To You.

    Goodbye to you,
    I should never been have by trusted you
    so, I thought no trust no love
    So, I ggave up myself... more »

  • Gratitude

    I am going to put gratitude,
    in my attitude.

    She took away my tears,... more »

  • Greets

    Stage of realization.
    For I am here and somewhere
    making self to me is
    the best thing I can offer to me.... more »