• I Build A Castle In The Sand.

    I built a castle in the sand
    Carefully made a wall around it.
    Surrounded it with a deep dike
    Making a haven safe from outside strikes.... more »

  • I Can Also.

    Smile if you can
    of course you can
    I can also.
    Cry if you can... more »

  • I Can Do Anything, I Want To Do.


    Where has it gone?
    Where will it go?... more »

  • I Can't Fail

    I have to stay with what I do?
    I can never forget, what is so true?
    I need to take care of things,
    So there are not so many dings,... more »

  • I Can't Tell

    So close to you I was tonight
    I can't describe how very light
    how very light you make me feel
    I have this overwhelming zeal... more »

  • I Carry My Dreams

    I carry my dreams,
    Dreams make everything lighter.
    Too much grumbling and complaining
    drove into a corner... more »

  • I Could Hide And Be The Same.

    I can't stand it when they humour me,
    I can't stand it when they are too blind to see,
    But may be I could take it if they could see the light,
    If they could be like me, I know be all right.... more »

  • I Do, We Do

    The planting of intertwined wood, I am told
    Is a symbol of marriage from long and old
    Telling of two becoming as one
    Living together growing with Sun... more »

  • I Don’t Want To Grow Old…

    I saw a man today
    ancient, tottering,
    with sparse white hair.
    He moved so slowly... more »

  • I Don't Understand.

    I sit in school and
    understand the teacher,
    I sit in court and
    understand the judge,... more »

  • I Don't Want To Be Nameless

    If I had any sense,
    I would welcome this...
    The way you embrace a life.
    But then it wouldn't hurt.... more »

  • I Hate Myself

    You know I hate myself,
    Yet you continually make fun of me.
    And I wonder,
    Do you do this purposely?... more »

  • I Hate You

    I hate you
    I hate you
    I hate everything you do to me
    everything you want me to be... more »

  • I Have A Dream.

    I have a dream in my life
    And the fire in my heart
    The desire for achievements will never part
    I think of my better life each night and day... more »

  • I Have A Story

    I have a story that has to be told,
    How close I came to loosing my soul.
    It happened one night in a hospital room.
    Allah touched my heart and saved me from doom.... more »

  • I Have Lost My Tears.

    Where are you tears?

    That I wish that I could cry?... more »

  • I Have The Power

    I now see that I have the power
    as I open my eyes to all that is
    I see that I am connected to all that I love
    that I can transcend all that I loathe.............. more »

  • I Know I Do: Soaring Thoughts

    While sitting alone in my thought's today,
    I wonder what I am thinking,
    Of dreams and hopes I yet can live or of yesterday's?
    The dreams I live forever,... more »

  • I Lost A Friend

    We were always together,
    We swore we'd never part.
    Where I was, there you were,
    Best of friends from the start.... more »

  • I Love My Family So Much.

    To be a part of a family like mine
    is so divine
    where love is shown
    hurt is shared... more »

  • I Love The India

    The India,
    Is affectionately known as the Hindustan,
    And as, that is Bharat
    Whenever I think of the India... more »

  • I Love The Way You Are.......

    I love the way you make me laugh
    I love the way you make me cry

    Tears of joy stream from my eyes... more »

  • I Love You So

    I love you so, in this lifetime you will never know,
    when I see your face my whole being is aglow.

    Love will come and love will go, but in my heart I will... more »

  • I Love You: If I Said It.....

    I love you!
    But I can not to say it,
    I am afraid that
    if I said it... more »

  • I May Not Hinder

    So, in prayer I approach the God...

    God, I believe,... more »