• I 'msorry Dad: I Always Defied You

    The dark grey road is glistening
    in the late midnight rain.
    I am feeling weak,
    But I am still standing,... more »

  • I Pray

    I pray to always stay up
    But around me are things,
    that pull me down.... more »

  • I Promise

    I promise I will always be there
    When you are feeling down and low
    When your world feels empty
    And you have no where to go... more »

  • I Promise I Will Do -

    I believe that none could love you
    quite as deeply as I do;
    And yet I often fail to show
    the depth of it to you.... more »

  • I Remember

    When I looked into your eyes,
    I knew it was true-
    My heart never lies-
    I was in love with you.... more »

  • I Saw A Tear Fall From Its Face And Felt Sorrow.

    There stood a red rose of elegance,
    In a field of loneliness;
    The wind blows and each breeze takes a petal,
    Its stem is becoming weak;... more »

  • I Shed A Tear

    I shed a tear today
    Silently, I felt it fall
    You caught it
    shared it... more »

  • I Still Clamber After You

    Daddy- -
    How I loved
    to wear your big shirts
    and... more »

  • I Still Need A Mother

    I need a mother who would love me
    I need a mother who would take care of me
    I need a mother who would understand me
    I need a mother for who I am... more »

  • I Think You Love

    I think you are in love
    But I’m not sure if it’s so
    Because how can you tell
    If love is something that you don’t know... more »

  • I Thought

    I thought I will achieve everything in life
    I thought I will get everything in life... more »

  • I Want To Be A Fog.

    I want to be a fog, dark, gray,
    Billowing like smoke from a large bonfire.
    Blocking sights from being spotted.
    Stopping the sun from rising in the morning.... more »

  • I Was Pondering Do Trees Get Lonely?

    Today I looked out over a field and noticed a tree
    standing alone in the middle of all that open space,
    not very exciting by most people's standards,
    but serenely magnificent to me.... more »

  • I Will Remain After I Am Gone.

    This way just once I will pass
    Life is like a vapour, it cannot last.
    The mark that I make is all that will remain.... more »

  • I Won’t Have To Deal, With This Pain Anymore.

    Why do those hard times, always fall upon my life?
    It hurts to solve those problems, with a bloodstained knife!
    Not even my closest friends, could known you,
    and when they ask about all, I tell them is too hard to explain.... more »

  • If I Could

    If I could spend a day with you my dreams
    would be fulfilled.... more »

  • If I Had A...........? ? ? ? ......? ? ? ?

    If I had a wishing well, I would wish me well.

    If I had a wishing well, don't wish me well than go to hell.... more »

  • If I Had The Guts.....

    I wish I had the guts
    To tell you how I feel.
    I wish I could tell you
    That all of this is real.... more »

  • If I Should Disappear

    If I should one day leave and disappear,
    promise to remember my love for you.
    Watch white cotton clouds drifting heaven’s blue,
    I am the soft mist reaching to keep you near.... more »

  • If I Were A Bird.

    We all crave the freedom
    We believe the kings of the sky posses
    The freedom to fly, the freedom to soar
    Look down on things below... more »

  • If I Were God

    Times I wonder
    How this world would be
    If only i were God
    Judging the actions of men... more »

  • If I Were You And You Were Me

    If I were you and
    You were me
    A different world
    We each would see.... more »

  • If These Walls Could Talk! ! !

    They've seen a lifetime of faces,
    centuries of paint and pain,
    they've seen old men die and babies walk,
    the stories they could tell,... more »

  • Ignoble Mother

    Some are very nice,
    Few have some spice,
    Mine is not very nice,
    Calls me names, Plays head games, Puts my mind to shame, Fight And... more »

  • I'm So Mad At You

    Isn't it funny
    We've never been mad at one another
    No fights
    No disagreements... more »