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Appreciating is wise boon of GOD
Human being has some audacity / ego by character but when appreciation to other is exposed then there are composed the tariff of peace.
I have two inconsolable child - Cheering & Mourning My Mourning chases after my Cheering. How can I forget them; how can I live without them together
well & woe walk together
Loneliness is best if I can discover myself and learn the self; Solitude is also best if I can discover or learn myself silently from other and in crowded the knowing of self shows the path of Saint if I want to know myself through every single or multitude creation.
For knowing best through self learning

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Mahtab, is a great thinker and poet.
Here is companionship for soul travel. A dance in and out of words, making words into love's vessel. All things are dreams of themselves, and the dreams can only happen through love. This poet knows its intoxications. Bless him for his knowledge that is not easy to come upon, yet it is everywhere.
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