• Death Of A Dream

    This night; cold, shining, resonant...
    when times as such brings back old dreams.
    Dreams neither words could please nor harm
    such night when memories are none but clear.... more »

  • Devastation

    I saw the pain in your eyes
    saw how much you hurt and cried
    I am shattered
    for I could not do a thing... more »

  • Empty

    I have forgotten everything about you.
    Over the time, I lived without your presence.
    I see none but life through dark stained glass;
    visions I learned to love.... more »

  • In Slumber And Wake

    If I am to close my eyes and never to waken,
    let my mind be filled with wonderful thoughts of you
    for I have lived, but was forgone by emptiness.
    I could not see your face, your eyes evade me;... more »

  • One Day

    one day all this - it'll be done.
    all that's difficult is a blur
    all that's easy is a vague memory.
    one day there'll be a picket fence... more »