• A Devil With The Pretty Face

    She always has something to hide
    acting like an angel but a devil in the inside
    wanted me to fail so that we end up separated
    my love was incomparable it was so huge like earth wide... more »

  • Bad Chick

    Once I heard the guys talking about her, I thought they were overwhelming.
    But when she entered the class she was breathtaking.
    She was attracting everybody but that was just the beginning.
    Her body has those curves and edges she made everybody thinking and wondering.... more »

  • Brotherhood

    It is funny when I remember back the memories
    hanging out and watching movies
    chasing girls and acting tough to impress cuties
    living without regrets or apologies... more »

  • Chasing Dreams

    The days go by and I lay down still
    I was the same guy waiting for the right moment to fulfill
    but nothing changed instead things got worst until
    an idea lighted up my life and I heard a voice inside me saying you have to... more »

  • Class Hint D

    Once I entered the class
    It was cold and dead
    but when I saw her
    She looked at me, and I was glad... more »

  • Crazy In Love

    I don't want to let you go
    but you think it is just a show
    I am ready to scream out your name even though
    every-time I try to come closer you act you don't know me or whatever so... more »

  • Deep Down The Ocean

    Deep down the ocean where the memories lay down
    It is strange how we forget! ! ! ! ! !
    Slowly you are vanishing from my mind like an ice melting down
    I thought we were leaving together our hometown... more »

  • Fake Friends

    faking smiles covered with hate inside
    they have different faces that have many things to hide
    trying to fool you to continue the friendship ride
    suddenly they guide you into the blind side... more »

  • Fall In Love Again

    I never thought I would find love again
    she was sitting in-front of me then
    she made me turn and drew me into her by her beautiful eyes wide and open
    as she laughed and looked at me I can feel my heart is beaten... more »

  • Far From You

    Everything seems so dark
    stark the sky cries
    lurking the stars spark
    there is no doubt you left your mark... more »

  • Finding The Right Girl For Me

    I decided it was time to find the right girl for me
    I thought how hard could it be? ?
    I just have to find a girl who is the same age as me
    but I noticed there are a lot of girls there are just too many... more »

  • Goodbye My Friend

    I wish the old time would go back
    the time when we were together
    together as one team before and forever
    we used to finish all of our school work and stay cool... more »

  • Harry And Marry

    Harry was the boy who suffered from stuttering
    and Mary was the girl who suffered from cluttering
    both lived in Liverpool
    and hated to go to school... more »

  • Heartless

    she seems fine with a beautiful smile
    a trap that will led to the death of your heart
    she seems approachable and not far
    that though was the reason behind my heart scar... more »

  • I Don't Retreat I Don't Surrender

    I don't retreat I don't surrender
    forever and ever I will strive to be the better
    because I am go getter and I am a doer
    and no matter how many times you will call me a loser... more »

  • I Will Miss You

    it is hard to know that I will have to let you go
    you owned my heart and now I don't know
    how can I live without you and ride solo
    I will miss those eyes that drive me crazy also... more »

  • Last Wish

    I cannot smell anything but the smell of death
    I cannot see anything else than the reaper ripping the soul out of flesh
    last wish he wishes before leaving earth
    may God forgive him and pass the strength and faith... more »

  • Little Did She Know

    little did she know
    that I was broken inside
    I still love her but it is love from one side
    whenever I fall to sleep I am still haunted by the memories... more »

  • Lost In My Thoughts

    Will you ever love me like I always do?

    Will we make it and get through?... more »

  • Lost In The World Of Dishonor

    Lost in the world of dishonor
    a brother sell his own brother
    it is kind of contagious disorder
    spreading everywhere and taking over... more »

  • May It Be

    May it be the journey for you to seek the truth
    that truth, which reveals your path
    through that path, you will find the faith
    that faith, which is valuable than wealth... more »

  • My Father

    The wisest man I knew ever
    He was very tough and always with angry temper
    Something that I kept asking myself and never find an answer
    He was there to solve every matter... more »

  • My Life

    Holding to my dreams knowing that nothing in this world is impossible
    believing that everything lies in my hand
    I just have to know how to make them visible
    I work so hard until I reach things that meant to be unreachable... more »

  • Myths And Facts About Girls

    The eldest she is the wisest she becomes
    though age is not proof and every time you will find a surprising outcome
    the tallest she is the more arrogant she gets
    yet shorty think highly of herself... more »

  • Nobody's Like You, Mom

    you filled my days with joy and happiness
    all these kisses and hugs helped me went through my sadness
    you cared for me whenever I got ill with sickness
    never missed an important event you were always there to witness... more »