I am baby Majesty Mermaid and I am best friends with Melodie Mezoree' doll. I am the creation of Suzae Chevalier. I am here on planet Earth to make humans more aware of our oceans and to save the lives of our endangered aquatic life. Check out my website www.majestymermaid.com (you can get a free mermaid coloring book! I am the baby mermaid on Opal Octopus then check out my creator Suzae Chevalier's website at www.suzae.com!


Majesty Mermaid Poems

Mermaid By The Sea


Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

Street Painting Festival was a great success,

painted mermaid scene at castle I did express.... more »

Shelly Meets Majesty Mermaid

Kavasutra Kava Bar is the only Kava bar
where you can play fun games,
Kavasutra has a mascot which is a coconut
and Shelly is her name.... more »

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Christina Sunrise 14 Oct 2013 03:50
I love your poem Majesty Mermaid! ! ! You have a great mission in saving our oceans from pollution!