• New Year 2014 (2014年年賀)

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  • Who Is Happy In This Year? - 2014

    Who is happy in this year?
    Aries, luck in beginning, careful in the end.
    Taurus, peaceful days, if you watch your saying.
    Gemini, chance will come to develop good career.... more »

  • Who Is Happy In This Year? - 2015

    Who is happy in this year?
    Aries, reliable cooperator will help you a lot.
    Taurus, good sense leads your things to be fresh and hot.
    Gemini, think well and take an advance without fear.... more »

  • Winter Morning

    Painful air is
    staring me.... more »

  • Winter Night

    Coldness spreading over me
    This is winter's day
    Wind breaks severely all of me
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  • Yijing Apprentice 1. Stella And Luna.

    I am a girl named Stella, an apprentice of Yijing.
    My master is Luna, a beautiful woman skilled and kind.
    At beginning, she said to me, 'keep images in your mind.'
    'What images? ', asked I and she answered, 'everything.'... more »

  • Yijing Apprentice 2. New Spiritual Friends

    'You may think Trigrams as a big family', master said,
    'Think this way, and you may feel them alongside.'
    'But they have no blood relationship, master', I replied.
    'Human have no-blood-connected family as well', master said.... more »

  • Yijing Apprentice 3. Trigram Family.

    Qian(乾) is father, bottom-middle-upper, three Yang lines,
    Zhen(震) is eldest brother, two Yins on a bottom Yang line,
    Xun(巽) is eldest sister, two Yangs on a bottom Yin line,
    Kun(坤) is mother, bottom-middle-upper, three Yin lines,... more »