• Bereavement

    Your heart stopped
    and the day went cold
    and then it started again
    and my body was warm... more »

  • Cohen's Marianne

    I had this book for years
    and the poem about you
    locked between the pages... more »

  • Ghost Of My Grandfather

    1939. Sgt. Stanley Foster.
    A man manacled with loyalty
    peeping out.
    This is the ghost we see,... more »

  • Going Missing

    When ready
    you pretend to die
    you close down your life... more »

  • Gypsy's Warning

    Behind the trees the red road
    leading to the end of summer

    we wandered by the rhododendron... more »

  • I Remember You

    With you
    in a memory... more »

  • Internal Traveller

    It is a short journey here
    to the dark chamber of judgement
    where the thought process
    is peeled apart by thought itself.... more »

  • Platform 8 - Victoria

    First steps of a journey -
    I am one alone among the many
    lost amid assorted faces
    pounded by instructions... more »

  • Sea Shanty

    Solitude found.
    At last there is a purity
    and purpose about the silence.
    Only children's voices... more »

  • Something I Wrote

    Something I wrote
    was for you
    a letter
    torn between the tears,... more »

  • Stripper

    Your existence re-invented
    life renewed

    laid out bare... more »

  • The Anniversary

    In the heat of the dragonfly summer
    we sat drinking the wine
    of serious intellect.
    It was two days before your wedding... more »

  • The Girl Addict

    I stopped to tell you
    but you would not listen.
    I began with a sense of mercy, sympathy.
    As this deepened... more »

  • The Wedding

    The wedding:
    it must be right
    everything must go to plan
    be exact to near perfection.... more »