• Bacterium

    in a cloud like massive fog
    where the peace does belong
    where the waves smashes
    against the rocks... more »

  • Becoming You

    The gift inside of her
    Safe and secure
    beautiful and pure
    heavenly divine... more »

  • Follow Me

    Do you want to follow me?
    I will smile on tv
    I will show a sad face
    do you want to follow me?... more »

  • I Miss You

    1. I wish that I could be more like you
    More understanding in what you do
    Your soul so precious and wonderful
    Your face so beautiful loveable... more »

  • May You Be A Light

    May it be a light on your path
    A light when you walk through shadows
    In darkest valleys, in darkest sorrows
    May it bring you light on your lonely days... more »

  • Sorrow

    My line
    of burning desire
    with hope has lost it's flame
    My line has been cut... more »

  • The Box

    I wish someone
    would reach inside my body,
    take away my sorrows and loneliness,
    put them all in box... more »

  • To My Daughter

    My precious love
    clothed in beautiful white
    and so heavenly bright
    so much more beautiful... more »

  • Winter


    This pain... more »

  • Your Garden

    In my garden I have a tree
    With tasty fruits
    And leaves telling me which year/state I´m in
    In my garden... more »