• A Mind And A Heart

    A mind can always be changed

    But a heart will always be true... more »

  • Breaking (Work In Progress)

    Feels like the middle of nowhere
    This weight on my shoulder brings me to my knees
    My back is bent to the point of breaking
    How I'm still supporting it I don't know... more »

  • Dieing Slowly

    I feel myself dieing
    Slowly from inside out
    Only one person can save me
    I wish she would too... more »

  • Expressing How I Feel

    I love you
    I know that for a fact
    But i cant find a way
    To express how i feel in words... more »

  • Failure

    I feel like a failure
    Not just any failure
    But the worst of the worst
    None of my family gets along with me... more »

  • Fallen For You

    i've fallen for you

    i'm falling deeper and deeper... more »

  • Feeling Of Being Lonely

    This feeling of being lonely deep inside of me is scaring me
    I have become so afraid
    I can no longer sleep at night
    For I now have nightmares of you... more »

  • For A Friend

    I miss you my friend
    You were one of my greatest friends
    I still hear your voice, your laughter
    You were so happy then... more »

  • Forgiveness

    I didn't want to ask you out
    atleast not yet
    I wasnt ready
    Somebody had pressured me to do it... more »

  • I Love

    I love her with all my heart

    But i wonder if she loves me too... more »

  • I Wish You Could See

    this cold i feel inside of me
    creeps ever so slowly over me
    taking over me
    it hurts so much... more »

  • If I, Will You

    ... more »

  • I'M Falling

    i fall for you deeper and deeper everyday
    i can't help it
    your such a great person
    usually i have control over my emotions... more »

  • Know True Love

    When you meet the person of your dreams

    Your wounds will be on the mend... more »

  • Life

    life can be rough
    i know what its like
    for i've been there too
    its not fair i know... more »

  • Lost

    As I sit here

    Lost as can be... more »

  • Love

    love is everywhere
    you just have to keep looking for it
    don't give up
    when the going gets tough... more »

  • Love Hate And Angels

    love is everything in this world
    hate is nothing here in this heart
    angels are everywhere around here
    i could say i love you... more »

  • Me And The World

    as the days go by so does my heart fade
    if you were to ask me what happened
    i would simply say the world died
    for my heart unlike so many... more »

  • Misery

    my family leaves me out
    my friends lie to me
    yet here i still am living
    all i wanted was to be happy... more »

  • More Then You Know

    i don't know you very well

    but i dont care... more »

  • My Heart Races

    My heart races for your safety

    I stay up late at night worrying for you... more »

  • My Hero

    You are my hero
    When the going gets rough
    I think of you
    And all my troubles flee... more »

  • My Life

    As the days go by

    So does my life... more »

  • My Memory

    When I first met you
    I knew i was blessed
    But as time moves on
    So do we change... more »