• Conjure The Constraints

    To conjure those presence,
    A lost scent commence,
    A deep lust restraint,
    Wildest courtship remain,... more »

  • Coveted In Scars

    Painting words through agony,
    Seeing as if blinded by insanity,
    Through illusion bounded unwillingly,
    By reality in awe senselessly,... more »

  • Maiden Of The Moon

    Dyeing those gloom stars white,
    A vexatious question resides,
    How it's glow enslaves? ,
    How those sight derange? ,... more »

  • Voyage Of Ludicrous

    Oh my dear to capture those eyes,
    A voyage of turbulant seas,
    Only to be subdued by the ideas,
    As soon as it start only to end,... more »