I am shamed that i must thank you through this small block of text if you are reading this.
As you can see, my stuff isn't really poetry at all.
Just thoughts, feelings and ideals written without grammar, correct spelling and most time in the moment and in great haste.
They are all my songs, my music pieces.
My testament to the hiphop music style. But if you read, and read deeply, it's much more than it may appear at the surface sometimes.
So please do so!
Thankyou for your look and interest.

Since i am a song writer, and these are basically all songs, a few of them are on my music page at myspace.
Here is the URL if anyone is interested to see the transformation.


Malevolent M.c Poems


Malevolent mc be rocking to the sad melodies, but spiritually powerful with the positive remedies, i be pushing positivity with the thoughts on my mind, pushing positivity with the way that i rhyme, pushing positivity with words i place in the lines, don't feel inclined to address it as anything, it isn't devine, we are are the same, i am you and you are me, we feel the same pains throughout everyday equally,
the only difference is that i write it down and i speak, but don't take that as anything, i don't consider weak,
if at all you a stronger, especially to all the mothers, fathers sisters brothers who have been here longer, and for || much more years to pass,
It's a shame when all the smart people are consider outkasts.... more »

Beautiful Ignorance

Beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the out, looking to search for the good life, get away from the doubt, but feeling like she is unaware of how to go about,
doing this thing that we call life. With every turn of the corner to face something other than strife.
chasing the american dream, a husband to make her a wife.... more »


Ay yo, you ever feel like sometimes, lifes pathetic?
Looking at nothing beautiful anymore, all aesthetic,
when you gravitate to problems, like your magnetic,
searching for those that really care, not just sympathetic.... more »

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Queen Adu 08 Feb 2012 05:09
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