• Abusive

    She had this boyfriend thing right, always struggling through time, frustrating situations, pressing her mind, but this was love at first sight.
    The thought of him, enticed feelings for her to ignite, glad to find and grab it, she quickly gripped it tight.
    Streets is filled with broken lights aimless searching for love, her style was somewhat shameless, she didn't know any other way she could arrange it, so she let it flow freely from her brain and her veins which, through that, she could feel the fire begin to burn, steadily churn she found what she was there for, deeply she urned.
    Deep in her being, deep in her soul.... more »

  • Alice

    stumbled ona gem oneday when i walked in to comm class,
    saw a girl so attractive,
    i could do nothing but speak fast,
    Bravely took a chair at the back of the room,... more »

  • Beautiful Ignorance

    Beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the out, looking to search for the good life, get away from the doubt, but feeling like she is unaware of how to go about,
    doing this thing that we call life. With every turn of the corner to face something other than strife.
    chasing the american dream, a husband to make her a wife.... more »

  • Birth

    Malevolent Mc flows lyrical on the breeze, just like the leaves that fall from the sky, right through the trees. God Bless your sneeze,
    And release the tension, I take a piece of paper and pen and create an invention, rhymes to leave ya with nothing but your pention let me mention the critical views, the real shit not the stuff you see on the news, the stuff that transmits. I develope rhymes just like you sew with a kit, the type of stuff that will turn the healthy into the sick. Now take a whiff and recollect, the status you've picked.
    The white kids with the bats?
    The brown kids with the sticks?... more »

  • Bravura

    A.I be the malevolent Mc, lyrically testing.
    B.I come with no nonsense
    A.but that which is refreshing.... more »

  • Colors

    If someone had green or hazel eyes, would you suspect them of robbing you?

    If someone had brown or blue eyes, would you suspect them of killing you?... more »

  • Conciousness

    I'm in one of those moods, where the only thing i want is complete silence. If noise is around me, i can block it out, stop it from entering my ears. And just listen to the sound of nothing.
    I can step out of myself, and see things in retrospect. I could never really put my finger on what triggers this sort of..bliss. But it comes and goes whenever it pleases. And i know that, i am much more calm collected and quite when it does.. and whever i speak, it seems to be the 'right' thing to say. As if i suddenly became wise. Or... maybe it just feels that way.
    So i write now as if the words i type sustain the bloodflow of my body. The more sentences you read, the more my heart beats. As if without this sort of activity, there is only a hollow self absorbed existance.
    The more time i spend as a pariah, the more i feel mentally connected with myself, and others. When you have nothing to do, like no job to go to in the morning, no homework due, nothing. Just the next day to live through, it's sort of like a freedom for your psyche. It can be both good and bad i suppose, not many people really like the idea of a person living inside their own personal haven for extended amounts of time. But.. i do get out a few times a week. Though i won't shy from the fact that i enjoy myself, in my room. I think what get's me here in this mood is something like an epiphany, or something like 'the end'. When something was doing, is now over.... more »

  • Construction Trade Building

    My footsteps echo off the brown brick tiles,
    that arch & bark overhead left to right and down adjacent aisles.
    The Construction trades building flowing with stranger traffic,
    I scan face to face to find something familiar to grasp at. But Nothing.... more »

  • Crunch

    Now i write so furious simultaneous an curious, becoming delirious so silly and serious, lyrics always mysterious, you know how i write, an i rhyme i connect dots in spots || outta sight || within the hype of your mind. I burst words devine, i'm inclined to speak for the ones who are confined, you see i sign signatures on pictures i paint with scriptures i stricture, leaving the figures i configure destined to wither, i flow qoutes i sew through lines as snow || goes in the winter, in last im still the winner, living lyrics i give spirit towards the life of a sinner.
    Speaking of seasons, i speak easy for the treason for the reason i am speaking you know i am breathing the true meaning of these words i be seeding. Leaving hope for the ones who are no longer believing, feeling the ceiling but hoping for bright blue sky, i try to supply as i imply truth in the words i apply. Never deny and defy i broke notes with the sharp stare of my eye, who's is this guy?

    -- BREAK--... more »

  • Crying

    So sickly, i'm ripping the difference within me to decipher the meaning of the feelings that grip me, So swiftly i'm kindling the sentence the meaning, mending the balance while clawing ceilings, healing the screaming, redemption for weaklings I'm wielding the weapons for the ones who are fearing...... more »

  • Danielle

    19..19...19.. years in the making, her heart is heavy with fear of it breaking.
    And every tear is an awakening, it brings it clear that she appears to be taking in by the sight of a girl she doesn't recognize, her own image, how could she forget those eyes, probably because the one that's behind them has grown a little weary of the one who designed em.
    All she ever wanted was to feel pretty, she pours pain in her heart till it spills pitty, blind to her own masterpeice, she hangs pictures on the wall of people she'd rather be.
    Also blind to her own very common indecision, looking only for first one who fits the envision,... more »

  • Eloquant Acumen

    Verse 1
    It's difficult to find the words for a particular beat, sometimes it doesn't come, sometimes it flows naturally My mind speaks for me, says the things that i think, my mouth only opens, when it's time to breath. You see for me, it isn't just to mutter a word or a sentence, every flaw acknowledged comes with some repentance.
    This session expressing the aggressions of confessional congretion Their obsessional oppresion leads to the professional suppresion. No such natrual selection, brain split, moral ethic recollection disection, my eloquant reflection affection goes the direction of infection protection.
    Enjection comes with no rejection of the section deep into the vain, flow through the bloodstream, deep into your brain, making apparent and clear, the pain of every single song you hear me explain.... more »

  • Epitaph

    I place my will on your brain as i recite for you my epitaph.... now let me explain... Listen..

    Verse 1... more »

  • Fairytales

    1...2...3....homie i'm complete - Knowledge wisdom understanding with Malevolent Mc.

    Verse 1
    Knowledge itself describes who i am, regardless if i come from a particular land, it is i who holds my life in my hands, i've created a man who rhymes for fun, with serious stand, an opinion i demand, repremand the fans. Turn em into fiends who screams sheer the seams of reality, and turn them into dreams. Beam your needs, i am a vessel for your greeds, a manifestation of the mentality of kings.... more »

  • Flight

    Verse 1

    When you wake up each day, do you know what for?
    Do you stare or do you walk through that frame of the door?... more »

  • Freestyle

    Ona dark night, i spoke to the dark gods of the sky, who embraced me maliciously in the night while i cried.
    They said they'd give me the powers to rhyme, only if i succumb to daemonic possesion of mind.
    so when you look at me, and see a mouth, eyes, hands, fingers and toes, teeth, hair, ears cheekbones and a nose, realize that there is a malevolent daemon who coincides with intent to destroy all weak minds that resist and subside.... more »

  • Gutter King

    as i walk on split tiles of the mosiac floor, i smash the cuddling puddles of roses on the doors,
    Forever more i coincide with the crispy flow critters, who reak sleek shards of sleet as they speak in the winters,
    With one shoe in a soupy gutter, one shoe in velvet heaven, i listen to the lessons taught by the mermaid from the lake of melted weapons.
    shrug off the salty oppressions of the first impressionist,... more »

  • Her

    Met a girl so stunning she's got my heart running, with no feet, it's difficult to look at her whenever i speak, i get nervous when she smiles at me, it continues to make a beat that puts butterflies in me.
    My heart to start racin in my chest, it's like someone put her here for me just as a test. I get stressed when i try to display my best, this is the only test that i would purposely fail, so i could see her again, talk more in detail,
    She's got Brown hair, brown eyes, cute smile, nice height. Just the way i like em, gorgeous in the inside. all that aside, If i could configure the perfect figure, it would be her that i would picture.
    She's got a small cold, a soft voice that's filled with sickness, i've heard her before but i've forgotten the difference, i feel relentless, but before i was just tired.. after a long time everything eventually expires.... more »

  • Journeyman

    Everyperson in this world has dreams that they want to aspire too. In school they tell you that here in America you can do anything you want, be anybody you want to be, as long as you work at it. But in school that's all they tell you, they don't tell you that there are Obstacles - walls that will perpetually and inevitably block your path, that you have to climb over, smash through, topple, over and over again. No one tells you anything about that... and the only way you learn about them is through trial and error, falling and picking yourself back up. Problem is, is that not everyone survives the fall. And your ambitions may slowly but surely die out over the adventure... This is about my ambitions, my Journey.

    Verse 1... more »

  • Metaphors

    This is just a test here, to expand my limits, a song with only metaphors within each of the lyrics. So check it, you know who this be, the 1 and only Malevolent Mc, i breath free the words that i release i speak and send to sail on sound like the open seas, my boat deem'd lyrics rocks back and fourth, my throat is the persona for the ones who row at the oars, you catch it?
    That was a reference to slaves, like Americans who look at the gas price and still pay,
    But who i am? to influence the weather of your day. Take it how you want it; these words that i say, i'm still going to try to stick em to walls of your brain, shake up my can, and tag it permanently with the spray. The lyrical graffiti, couldn't ever be replaced, except if it's painted over by the next line on it's way.... more »

  • Mind Me

    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    The sun May be glorious.. but honestly, so are you.
    For this to me, i see as truth, i can assure you that, others see it too.
    A friendly face, both beautiful and charming, inside and out... more »

  • Mission

    Malevolent mc be rocking to the sad melodies, but spiritually powerful with the positive remedies, i be pushing positivity with the thoughts on my mind, pushing positivity with the way that i rhyme, pushing positivity with words i place in the lines, don't feel inclined to address it as anything, it isn't devine, we are are the same, i am you and you are me, we feel the same pains throughout everyday equally,
    the only difference is that i write it down and i speak, but don't take that as anything, i don't consider weak,
    if at all you a stronger, especially to all the mothers, fathers sisters brothers who have been here longer, and for || much more years to pass,
    It's a shame when all the smart people are consider outkasts.... more »

  • Pain Abundant


    Verse 1... more »

  • Pathetic

    Ay yo, you ever feel like sometimes, lifes pathetic?
    Looking at nothing beautiful anymore, all aesthetic,
    when you gravitate to problems, like your magnetic,
    searching for those that really care, not just sympathetic.... more »

  • Powerpoint Presentation.

    Okay, so i'm going to do things a bit here differently, most of us or all of us have given a presentation with powerpoint and a speech.
    Though we are people, before we are anything else, i am not bleach.
    I don't spill on others and i won't leave a stain, i don't come with something that is considered the same. But in truth, and in the end, i come to deliver releive in a life full of strain.
    What i plan to do at this time today, hardly would seem like to the average eye the definition of 'education'.... more »