• A Love Song

    As our voices are singing low
    Our hearts can see
    A glimmer on the horizon
    A ray of hope... more »

  • A Sign

    Smiling is a sign of goodmood.
    Laughing is a sign of happiness.
    Praying is a sign of true faith.
    And having you is sign of,... more »

  • Act Of Love

    when I need kindness
    you are there
    When I need comfort
    you care... more »

  • Affairs

    What else could have happen to me,
    Than you loving me.I love you too,
    So much.You cheer me up,
    When I want to cry.... more »

  • Ask

    When you can't make it any longer,
    Ask me.
    If you look and just can't see,
    Ask me.... more »

  • At First

    When it was just you and me.
    Together we took cool strode
    In the hood, with hands in hands.
    With heavy laughter and echoing... more »

  • Back In Time

    Let go back in time.
    When everything was so perfect.
    Walking on tipping toes,
    We had that tide that was unbreakable.... more »

  • Bad For You

    Look who's crying now,
    And see who's begging here.
    All those time, you were on top.
    Can't you see, I'm better off without you.... more »

  • Be My Love

    Come and share my world.
    Girl, I will love you until the moon is no more.
    When you give me that soft and wet kiss,
    I went sailing sky high on the moon.... more »

  • Bigger Than Problem

    Do you agreed
    That our problem
    make us after all,
    Strong though,... more »

  • Bond

    A strong bond
    Doesn't always
    Need togetherness.
    But as long as love... more »

  • Circles

    Trust is what you put in someone's hand.
    Faith is what you hold on to.
    Love will guide to where and
    with whom you truly want to be with.... more »

  • Confuse

    Have you ever been confused,
    Not knowing what is wrong or right anymore?
    That you do not know where to start?... more »

  • Cracks

    As I look bacK at my life,
    I remember I cracked jokes.

    I laughed at things I lost.... more »

  • Doubtful Love

    You wanted me because of what
    You could become, since there
    Was no way out, so you felt
    In that love with me.... more »

  • Every Day

    A fragrant rose,
    Isn´t enough to tell how sweet you are.
    A thorn pr eek is never painful,
    Then living without you.... more »

  • Friend

    You are amazing!
    So sweet to be with,
    A real friend you are,
    One indeed & in-need.... more »

  • Friendship

    Mountains may cracked,
    And volcano's may erupt,
    Rivers may flood.... more »

  • From A Distance

    Pleasant smell of roses, amusing sounds of birds songs.
    Making your body tickle and bursting you out with laughter.
    With wonder, as to how they’ve learn the melody?... more »

  • Gaps

    Do you know why
    God created gaps.
    Between our fingers?... more »

  • Good-Bye

    The saddest and hardest word to say.
    Only said when you have to. saying,
    Good-bye is never with satisfaction.
    Especially to acquaintance.... more »

  • Heart

    Please keep my love in your heart,
    And not in your mind.
    Because the mind forgets,
    But the heart keeps.... more »

  • Here I Am

    When things goes wrong.
    When sadness fills the heart.
    When tears flow always,
    Remember two things:... more »

  • I'M Somebody

    I'm sweet, I'm somebody
    I'm a magnificent star
    I glitter, I beam lights
    I'm a beautiful melody... more »

  • Inspiration

    I feel strangle when you let me go.
    I will bring you the moon
    I will touch the sun even,
    If it should mean my life, for you I will.... more »