• A Man Walks The Streets

    That old man near the traffic light
    Was expelled from home at midnight.
    He walked away steady on his feet.
    And made his home on Delhi streets.... more »

  • A Moment Of Doubt

    At times I find myself at odds,
    And wonder if there is a God
    Above watching over us.
    To protect us from calamities as such.... more »

  • A New Journey...

    As the youngest spread
    Wings in the literal sense
    And waved both hands
    After clearing the security check,... more »

  • A Notebook And Its Cover

    I sat down with resolve,
    Crossed legged on the wooden bench,
    Trying to wipe the frown
    And stretch my spine.... more »

  • A Passing Thought

    The train
    In no time... more »

  • A Perfect Landing

    A gaily painted butterfly hovers over
    A dainty flower, as a miniature helicopter
    Patiently waiting for a landing signal,
    The flower welcomes the timely arrival... more »

  • A Prayer For Deliverance

    You sat on the bed with a faraway look,
    Aimlessly turning the pages of a book.
    Silent tears flowing down your cheeks.
    You have become all bones these last few weeks.... more »

  • A Prayer Of Gratitude

    I know I have lost
    Touch with the core of my being,
    Where you forever reside
    When I get swept by sensory delights.... more »

  • A Priceless Day

    One day,
    On my way,
    I went to meet my granddaughter
    and spend the day with her.... more »

  • A Shift In Perception

    A senior citizen,
    Who was bed ridden,
    In the course of conversation
    Calmly mentioned:... more »

  • A Shift In Perception 2

    I used to hate colour yellow.
    It made my complexion look sallow.
    And reminded me of jaundiced eyes,
    Stubborn stains that won’t go despite... more »

  • A Shift In Perception-3

    At times,
    I feel abandoned
    Lord.... more »

  • A Shift In Perception-4

    At times I feel
    You are playing
    A practical joke... more »

  • A Speck Of Perfection

    Tiny grass flowers
    Stand tall despite showers-
    Golden specks with will power.... more »

  • A Tribute To Motherhood

    I was going on a journey by train,
    Outside it had started to rain.
    My eyes rested on a mother and a child.
    It is only possible to find... more »

  • A Walk In Mansarovar Park

    The sun was ready to set,
    The sky had turned amber.
    I felt compelled to get
    Out, as I suddenly remembered,... more »

  • A Walk In The Park

    On a wintry morn, just for a lark,
    I went for a morning walk.
    All of a sudden I spotted roses bloom.
    I stood spellbound watching the hues... more »

  • A Welcome Intruder- Haiku

    ... more »

  • A Wish

    A friend
    Stoically said,
    I wish
    My son would die... more »

  • Affluenza

    Affluenza is the new affliction.
    It is a fact, not fiction.
    Everyone has increased his pace
    To join the rat race.... more »

  • After The Sunset

    After the sunset,
    When slowly the darkness crept
    And the sky was covered with a star studded veil.
    I sat on the terrace with a cocktail.... more »

  • Alienation

    Email, internet, laptop,
    MP3, SMS, mobile, IPOD
    Are my competition,
    For your attention.... more »

  • An Effective Prayer

    For those embarking on
    An internal life to meet the demands of the soul,
    Withdraw to the sanctuary within, and sit
    And pray fine tuned to your intuition.... more »

  • An Epitaph

    On a sultry day, walking on the roadside,
    Someone gently tapped on my backside.
    Turned, saw my best friend, with a broad smile.
    Oh, where had you been all this while?... more »

  • Anger

    Your anger
    Bursts like a thunderstorm,
    And torrential rain,
    And flashes like lightening.... more »