• Home With A Soul

    As you enter through the door,
    And slowly step into the foyer,
    You can’t help but exclaim,
    Oh I am so glad I came.... more »

  • Hope

    Hope like a second Sun,
    Fills you with divine light
    When all is lost,
    And keeps you afloat.... more »

  • I Am Not Destiny's Favourite Child

    I may not be
    Destiny’s favourite child,
    But I have no doubt
    I am one of a kind.... more »

  • I Am...

    I am… I breathe,
    I am … I dream.
    One gives me life
    Other, reason to live.... more »

  • I Believe...

    I believe
    In miracles,
    Have seen
    Broken men heal,... more »

  • I Feel Blessed

    So many people have touched my life,
    With their wisdom and kindness
    I recollect in hindsight
    With fondness.... more »

  • In Despair

    What is the world coming to?
    Though carrying weapons is taboo
    Children are happy totting the gun,
    Whether to settle scores or just for fun.... more »

  • In Silence

    Our eyes met,
    You held my hand
    And gently
    Tenderly... more »

  • Inner Light Is Finally Shining

    Inner light is finally beginning to shine
    People are no longer watching from sidelines
    They are willing to look beyond their concerns
    Help is pouring out all of a sudden.... more »

  • Its Time To Say Farewell

    The countdown has begun,
    As you prepare to leave coming autumn.
    You look excited yet subdued,
    At times I catch you brood.... more »

  • Jasmine Flower Seller

    A boy ran
    Towards a van,
    Holding out his hand
    Full of fragrant... more »

  • Joy Of Seasons

    At an informal get together,
    When you find yourself
    In the midst of strangers,
    You invariably talk about the weather.... more »

  • Joys Of Childhood

    A four year old I find
    Has a very clear mind.
    She knows she likes Pogo
    More than the Lego.... more »

  • Joys Of Motherhood

    When I gingerly held my new born,
    I could have at that moment sworn,
    As I watched him with moist eyes,
    I had no clue my life was going to turn topsy turvy... more »

  • Karmic Debt

    To be treated with disdain,
    Is this the bane
    Of parents
    Of this generation?... more »

  • Law Of Karma

    A skinny six years old,
    Stood shivering on that cold
    Foggy January afternoon,
    Selling colourful balloons... more »

  • Let Go

    As a ripened fruit
    Is naturally let go
    By the tree.... more »

  • Life In A Metro

    I live in an apartment on the first floor,
    With my name engraved on a brass plate on the door.
    Since I am most of the time alone,
    The only time I see a soul... more »

  • Life... Haiku

    ... more »

  • Light And Darkness- Haiku

    Festival of lights;
    Child sells crackers to adults,
    No sparkle in eyes…... more »

  • Loneliness

    An ailing parent
    Sitting alone,
    By the telephone,
    Waiting... more »

  • Love Is In Season

    Butterfly at morn
    Kiss shivering flowers;
    Sun smiles, hugs with warmth.... more »

  • Love- Is It A Buisness Deal...

    I used to believe
    Is not a
    Business deal.... more »

  • Love Is Not...

    Love is not
    Gazing at the same things
    And expecting to agree
    Over what we see.... more »

  • Love Needs No Language

    Love transcends
    The barriers of language.

    I learnt... more »