Manager Poet Poems

A Second Chance

Children who make mistakes ask adults for another chance.
When an adult makes the same request, what’s your stance?
Adults know that children goof up and have much to learn.
When an adult goofs up, no mercy equates to burn baby burn.... more »

About Love

Everyday is created for love.
Look inside and then above.
Each of us gives to one another.
We learned that from our mother.... more »


Sugar, spice, and everything nice.
For me to be blessed with a daughter
was a throw of the dice.
However, I know it wasn't mere luck.... more »

Manager Poet Quotes

Complexity: There is just no money in simplicity.
Keith L. Larey

Comments about Manager Poet

Leslie Ching 22 Feb 2009 07:04
are you actually the manager of something? lol joking... but your poems are still great ^.^ keep writing!