• A Beautiful Soul (In Memory Of Kelci Nicole Muller)

    A beautiful soul was born February 3,1995.
    In our hearts and minds Kelci you are still alive.
    Faith enables us not to use an earthly lens.
    We know you've not left family and friends.... more »

  • A Classic

    We each define what 'classic' means to us.
    It could be a car or a song, but I'll not fuss.
    To me, it is a woman who's gentle and kind.
    She's one who'll be there for a friend in a bind.... more »

  • A Harpy In The 21st Century

    Greek mythology must in part be based on truth.
    I never saw this trait in the bride of my youth.
    Continual torment is what I seemingly face.
    For a Christian to act this way is an utter disgrace.... more »

  • A Kind Soul (In Memory Of Patty Wessel)

    A kind soul was born April 22,1958.
    She lived life not relying on fate.
    These words are about Patty Wessel.
    On May 3,2008, she left her earthly vessel.... more »

  • A Reference

    At Austin College we have an annual Staff Development Day.
    We use multiple speakers throughout our learning buffet.
    Brent presented well seasoned entrees that were delicious
    and totally “Fat Free.”... more »

  • A Second Chance

    Children who make mistakes ask adults for another chance.
    When an adult makes the same request, what’s your stance?
    Adults know that children goof up and have much to learn.
    When an adult goofs up, no mercy equates to burn baby burn.... more »

  • A Single Mom In A Man's World

    Smart and driven from the start of her career.
    She completed her doctorate with nothing to fear.
    Teaching generations of managers was her gift.
    Her students were never bored or left adrift.... more »

  • About Love

    Everyday is created for love.
    Look inside and then above.
    Each of us gives to one another.
    We learned that from our mother.... more »

  • An 'F' For Fundamentalism

    Jesus said the earth shall be inherited by the meek.
    Does meek mean church attendance three times a week?
    We know it’s not our job to judge but so many just do.
    If you know a fundamentalist of any kind, is this not true?... more »

  • Are You There?

    My soul yearns to be reunited with you.
    We were lovers from an era long since gone.
    A second chance on this earth I will pursue.
    Your core being is that to which I am drawn.... more »

  • Atonement

    This word and Jesus’ deeds have such a wonderful connotation.
    They have been preached to men everywhere in every generation.
    For you see, Jesus died so we can call Heaven our permanent home.
    We are really never alone on this place called earth on which we roam.... more »

  • Being A Dad

    Being a dad, like a mom, sometimes can be a chore.
    Often there are circumstances that he cannot ignore.
    Dadhood is a calling and it is not always by choice.
    When you find yourself in a dad moment, just rejoice.... more »

  • Biddy Buds

    Kevin first called you Buds,
    then I added Biddy.
    Combining those words didn't
    seem very gritty.... more »

  • Character

    Who hasn’t been called one?
    Fact is, life can and should be fun.
    However, real character does count.
    Let’s liken it to a savings account.... more »

  • Choose Wisely

    We’re all on this planet for a reason.
    A dating site offers a change of season.
    All people have worth on any site.
    Soon you will find your heart’s delight.... more »

  • Cinnamon

    This is such a wonderful spice.
    It brings grilled cheese to life.
    It is also the color of her hair.
    Her are eyes brown and skin is fair.... more »

  • Control

    It is about mastery over one’s self and one another.
    We first learn as babes to cry will summon mother.
    Babies cry to let us know they need attention.
    Parents spring into action with full comprehension.... more »

  • Cyber-Fishing

    He opens his tackle box and takes a look.
    Carefully, he selects a bait with a treble hook.
    A hook of three is not always better than one.
    The odds of getting snagged increase my son.... more »

  • Dad

    I write this poem to honor you on Father’s Day.
    The words flow from my heart without delay.
    You’ve been great to all of us over the years.
    Today you deserve more than three cheers.... more »

  • Death Certificate

    An employee where I work recently lost her son.
    Why Death, did a child have to be the one?
    She came to my office in search of another.
    I could feel the pain radiating from this mother.... more »

  • Divorce, Death, And Taxes

    We’ve been jokingly told we can’t avoid death and taxes.
    Add divorce, and you’ll find yourself in an indescribable axis.
    Its been said a divorce is like suffering through a death.
    I’ll disagree with that notion till I take my last breath.... more »

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (Flsa)

    What’s all the fuss about being exempt versus nonexempt?
    Telling an individual his position is nonexempt causes contempt.
    How is that so when the Act guarantees overtime for some?
    Exempt employees work long hours with no overtime chum.... more »

  • Feedback

    Use it as a performance truss.
    Before you do, this I must discuss.
    Trust must be present in real-time.
    Without it, you’re just another mime.... more »

  • Flannel Board Religion

    And so the story goes.
    I’ll use poetry, not prose.
    Do you remember flannel?
    Stories told across a panel.... more »

  • Flowers For You

    The future is a lot like choosing a flower to send.
    If I've used this analogy before, I will make amend.
    What type of flower should I send to you my dear?
    Rose, Daisy, Tulip, a combination, it is still not clear.... more »