• Catching My Tears

    Why can't this be a dream?
    Yet would the angels bring me such tragedy?
    A single tear slides down my cheek
    As a dark hand gently brushes it away.... more »

  • I'M Lucky

    I wish to weave you a poem of my thoughts
    Filled with unspoken, unused words.
    Words that have never lied
    Or been used many times... more »

  • My Light

    And in the morning,
    Will you help me greet the day
    And bring the sunshine to me?
    And yet I’ll say, 'Keep it in the sky... more »

  • My Sweet Sin

    Can't you see I hold you
    Deep inside my heart?
    As consequences rip us apart
    I try to tell you honestly... more »

  • The Prayer

    Oh dear sweet heaven
    Tell me why I feel contempt
    So deep in my heart
    Tell me why I feel lost... more »

  • The Rain

    The rain is falling all around
    And the puddles are growing
    As I stand in the flood
    Letting my tears fall unnoticed... more »

  • Thuella

    ...And is it right that the waves
    That rage against my weakening heart
    Are from the typoon that you create?
    How can I love a tempest... more »

  • Why Do You Love Me?

    As I fight through my mind
    I have to wonder why
    You say you love me.
    You don’t know where I’ve been... more »

  • You Love Me, Love Me Not

    When you say you love me
    My heart becomes full
    And I know that you'll be there
    To catch my tears... more »