• A Dissertation On Dissertations

    A soulful of you, lost in crowded stacks
    In medias University’s mildewed racks
    Instructing moths and silverfish
    In partial fulfillment of grandma’s last wish_... more »

  • Activating Search Mode 123...

    Oh why are the winds so wild today,
    And the skies so sizzling blue,
    Birds unusually vocal... more »

  • Deceased Intestate

    I leave you nothing, Papa,
    Except a red brick mound.... more »

  • Divorce 1

    I would erase all memory of you, I would
    Strike out word upon word with delight... more »

  • Divorce 2

    This seals our pact; from this day
    You turn a different route, I go my way.
    No turning back, no tearful sighs
    As we look up ahead at our apportioned skies.... more »

  • Dreams Come True

    No use to cheat Nature
    No use to pretend
    I confess thirty winters
    That I spent... more »

  • Equinox Girl

    Fall-winter girl,
    Sparkling, wise
    Words trail off
    Fashions capsize... more »

  • Gather Ye Atoms While Ye May

    When I have paid my elemental debts
    And returned to stars their dusty gifts
    Fires to suns, to oceans tears
    To mother earth with a vote of thanks for her years... more »

  • Geometry At Thirty Nine

    At age nine, an exasperated teacher
    Slapped me for being circle-obtuse.
    None of his analogies worked and
    The circle remained a mystery, a... more »

  • God Is An Autocrat

    If God answers your prayer, he is increasing your faith.
    If He delays He is increasing your patience.
    If He doesn’t respond, He knows you can handle.... more »

  • Halloween

    Sorrow, sorrow, go away
    Come again another day
    Little Moon wants to play
    Yet a little longer.... more »

  • Honeymoon Homophones

    Morning, mourning dawn
    Faint, feint grief
    Thrones thrown my way
    Offer no relief.... more »

  • How Do I Hate Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

    How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways:
    I hate you like the early winter six o clock alarm
    I hate you like Black coffee that forgot to stay warm.
    I hate you like a surprise test on Compound Interest... more »

  • How I Avoid Insomnia

    Worlds hum slowly in my sleep
    I drown in dreams; their shadows deep
    Like gypsy women's ancient art
    Lull an ischemic heart.... more »

  • I Know I Know I Have

    A lonely New Year's Eve
    Beckons me tonight
    With promises of retreat
    Into warm August nights.... more »

  • Inflammability

    She died a proper young maid's death;
    Appropriate to her class. I couldn't
    And appropriately I live. They said her sari caught fire.
    I couldn't catch fire. I tried once... more »

  • Keep The Change

    He had the sun on his back
    And out of an unzipped rucksack
    'The Collected Poems of Heinrich Heine'.
    Frothing coffee long gone cold... more »

  • Kitchen Garden

    Now touches the first ray of the Sun
    My tomatoes’ ruby face
    Peeping from the green junction
    Of their dark gloomy foliage.... more »

  • Lady With The Broom

    No poetic enquiry of her unaccustomed smile
    Will crack the mystery of her sudden style
    As her plebian bucket and broom she wields
    Perspires under the sun, sweeps and shields.... more »

  • Mahalaya

    She of the allied forces
    He of the foe
    She of the lion
    He of the buffalo... more »

  • Mirik,2004

    Now I save the clippings in my soul;
    How run they? Let’s see:
    The clouds dipped in the ketchup sky
    Feel the rush of wind and eternity... more »

  • Monsoon At Prantik Asylum

    Rain clouds gather in the sky
    Like stalkers in silent consensus.
    Grinning, communicating eye to eye
    Crouching for you... more »

  • Nel Passare`

    O, to have loved and lost
    Been hurt and cleft in twain
    Takes years to heal; remembrance
    Is raw and intense pain.... more »

  • No Change Of Address

    If canned mackerel in sauce
    Had some semblance to memory
    Would they recall
    A once buoyant limpid world... more »

  • Oedipus, Oedipus

    Why are you so young Mama?
    And why was Papa so old?
    “But we were in love, Beta,
    Imprudent and bold.”... more »