• Old Wives' Tales

    Do not be afraid to build.
    That’s what Granny said.
    After three-score and ten
    Years of traversing nations,... more »

  • Once Upon A Time And Love

    Playing hide and seek in the deep and dark
    Crypt of the Universe where shadows lurk,
    Where stars SOS to distant stars
    Over winding sheets of light years... more »

  • Over And Out

    Nothing to say anymore
    No emotions, complaints,
    Unreasons that shout,
    Without a word further... more »

  • Passive Aggressive

    You wanted to travel the world, so I wrote you a song.
    Now you want to be a singer. Maybe I shall hunt a forest boar
    And adorn your ego wall with its hooves.
    Day before yesterday you were talking to... more »

  • Philomel's Song

    Sunday morning. I dust my alphabets to a shine
    To build you a dainty rhyme.But you wake up
    Red-eyed from your nightmare
    Like the Loch-ness monster.... more »

  • Plus Ca Change

    Make no mistake
    I am not looking for you in them.
    Not seeking empowerment
    In the words, translations, linguistics... more »

  • Regressus Ad Uterum

    To trust or not to trust, that is the question.

    Though Time is all Time
    And Space all Space; absence of grace... more »

  • Rome. Painting The Sistine Chapel.

    The flowers of May are in full bloom
    But they do not attend my fresco.
    And only yesterday, touching up Noah,
    I felt the wind change directions... more »

  • Strangers At My Door

    So, that’s how he mutates.
    Toothless octogenarian, drooling spit
    Finished in all fine details
    Down to a once-black long umbrella,... more »

  • Unburdening At Cafe Thirteen Thousand

    A trek to thirteen thousand feet in June
    With roads on clouds roll-call,
    And whispering willow retreats
    Works wonders for the soul.... more »

  • Whodunnit?

    Love, remember when
    As wanton love’s refrain
    We vowed to me and you
    To round off with, “I Do”.... more »

  • Yet Another Shower

    To warm urgent winds
    Stroking insane minds
    Thunder and rumbling in sky
    And ocean, come rain.... more »