• Peace

    Life is an awakening
    Life is something new
    Life is something you've never dreamed
    Come true... more »

  • Regret

    He sat there
    He was very scared
    A soft sniffle was all he dared
    What he had done was very rare... more »

  • Saved From The Pits Of Hell

    Saved from the pits of hell
    Saved from its firy dwell
    All is right and well
    Of His grace I'll tell... more »

  • She Didn'T Understand

    She didn't understand
    Why he had let her go
    She didn't understand
    Why she loved him so... more »

  • She Falls Down

    She falls down
    And he helps her up
    She cries out and he listens
    She commits the worst of sins... more »

  • Should Have Been His Crown

    Precious stones inlaid in gold
    Should have been his crown
    But they decided on something different
    A choice that would make most frown... more »

  • So Won The Battle By And By...

    I say that you will find your way
    I pray that you will be okay
    No one could love you more than I
    So won the battle by and by... more »

  • Take Me Away

    Take me away, O Lord
    Take me away
    From the pain of this earth
    From the lies of all men... more »

  • Take Me Back

    Humbly I come before you
    I beg you to take me back
    I pray to be your weapon
    With nothing in me to lack... more »

  • The Girl

    The girl
    Curled up on the bed
    Blonde... more »

  • The Gun

    On the floor
    Trying to get to the door
    A gun pointed at your back
    They won't give you any slack... more »

  • The Sculpture

    The smile upon the artist face,
    Trust me, it shows no digrace.
    The sculpture is finished now,
    All anyone can say is 'Wow! '.... more »

  • There And Back

    My folly hath led me here
    To this distant shore
    I cannot hold back the tears
    Not anymore... more »

  • To Lose Yourself

    The sword comes down
    Your friend on the ground
    You scream your rage
    His blood forms a pool... more »

  • What Brings Us Together

    Death is a horrible fate,
    But in death everyone can relate.... more »

  • Where Were You?

    Where were you when the lights went out
    Where were you when I had doubt
    Where were you when I couldn't save
    Where were you when I wasn't brave... more »

  • Yes

    I wish to say 'Yes'
    But I will soon regret
    And end up with less
    Too hard to forget... more »

  • You Are My King

    You are my King
    My absolute everything
    You know what to do and what to say
    You have healed me in every way... more »

  • Your Fate

    Blind with rage you begin to fight
    Nothing but the enemy in sight
    Anger burning in your heart
    Swords drawn, you jump with a start... more »