• A Piece Of My Heart

    what do you do with a rose, that is to send off the dead? .

    I walk, we all walk towards our ground,
    legs shaking, noses running, eyes so dry they sting, throat choking, arms shaking, total sadness.... more »

  • An Oceans Heart

    Tears fallin on sunny shores
    deep into the ocean lye cried out hearts.
    Softly crashing against eachother.
    Washing emotions up onto the sand.... more »

  • For You Nan

    ... more »

  • Hasn'T A Title

    she's got hallo'
    Vibrant Girl.
    Now im so shallow... more »

  • In A Day

    my heart is choking
    my mind is trying to tell me something, so i am going to write whatever comes to sight.
    i am dreaming, of a dream, a moment. maybe someone.
    No a place, and a person, me and someone else.... more »

  • Love At Night

    Show you care
    Show everyone you love
    We're on merely lane
    Never could tell when the day takes your time away.... more »

  • Misunderstood

    I've been asked to say what i think,
    why can't i just think what i have to say.

    Gender you arm, show me the way.... more »

  • Not A Word

    a beautiful vision caught by the mouth of much silence.
    one so astounding it deafened the blind.
    what is more crazy and eculmalating than the wordless lyrics of a match stick figure, that you suddenly, drift into!
    'is it just a phase'... more »

  • Question

    if you could cross love more than once, would you give in?

    why you got to ask me, what i'm doing now. cos i don't like to question what i still haven't found.
    Take a seat.... more »

  • Running Into Corners

    to drunk to think
    to numb to blink
    drowning in a bath of
    evapourated aqua.... more »

  • Signs Of Life

    die in my hands
    make me the victim of your soul
    float in my play ground of holy sinners
    and take your impurity... more »

  • Silence

    Awoken by silence,
    deafened by night.

    Kiss your mum... more »

  • Silverchair

    my pain,
    is thee only love you crave
    you pick it up and eat it
    fusion-confusions... more »

  • Split

    Looking at her naked knees,
    standing against the bathtub.
    She's trying so uneasily to please thee,
    while she sits in her abandoned bathroom,... more »

  • To When Is It Their Decision

    To when do u feel like no one is on your side
    to when it feels like they are?
    who can u trust, when all the trust turns their backs
    when can u make a decision who u can open up to... more »