• Life

    Life is a deluge of Education,
    From which we should not run.
    But we should sail,
    In the boat where no one fails.... more »

  • Life Means For Change

    Don't link yourself in chain,
    Because life is meant for change.
    Nothing is for permanent,
    Everything gets changed,... more »

  • Mother

    Oh! My Mother,
    What shall I write about you?
    For you are the person,
    Whose work cannot be easily defined.... more »

  • Throughout This Short Life

    Throughout this short life
    We always thought about ourselves.
    Never about the ones who went under the knife,
    Nor about the ones who have no wealth.... more »

  • What Is Left?

    What is left when everything is destroyed?
    What is left when everything vanishes?
    The only spark of hope,
    Enlightens the whole world.... more »

  • You May Not Get Everything

    You may not get everything
    That you want.
    Life always holds something
    Of which we would have never thought.... more »