Manomohan Acharya is a poet and lyricist from India. He is also a researcher and published author. His contribution appears significant by inspiring the classical dance, Odissi, for the first time to enter into Bollywood with his lucid Sanskrit lyrics.

He was born in the village Lathanga in Jagatsinghpur district in Orissa, India in 1967. He was born in a Sanskrit family of Lathanga, Orissa of parents Pandit Mayadhar Acharya and Parvati Devi.

Manomohan Acharya has contributed a lot to modern Sanskrit literature both as Poet and Play-wright.


Sanskrit Eloquency Award, Vikram University, Ujjain, M.P.,1990
Vanikavi Award from Vanivinodi Parishad, Utkal University,1991
Doctor of Philosophy from Sri Jagannath Sanskrit University, 2003
Gita-Saarasa Award from Christ College, Cuttack administration,05.02.2005
Delhi Sanskrit Academy Award for instant poem writing, 2007
Ananda Bharadvaja Sammanah, 2007
Lokakavyanidhi Award,from All India Lokabhasa Prachara Samiti,Puri, 2008
Bharata-Bharati-Samman from National Sanskrit Sahitya Academy, 2009
Abhinava Jayadeva Samman, 2009,Bhaktakavi Sri Jayadeva Samaroha samiti
Sanskrit Sangeet Nataka Academy Award, 2010
Fellowship of Vachaspati from SARASWATI Research Institute
Chinta Chetana National Baisakhi Award, 2012


Manmohan Acharya Poems


O! Poet Bumblebee,
please don’t repeat such poetry
which are hummed
by the dancing rhythm of the sweet sounds... more »


Mother Earth is losing her glory,
frightened by hunger.
O! Romantic Bumblebee,
Can you not provide... more »


O! Dear Bumblebee,
The poetry is the Earth, charming;
The river, flowing from lofty mountains;
Nature, a young woman and a heavenly plant... more »

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