• A 4 Season Romance

    a nostalgic moment on a time of spring
    when daffodils bloom and hummingbirds sing
    cupid's arrow had struck my heart
    and that's how the four season romance had start.... more »

  • A Friend That Who I Need

    i'm still searching and long have I walk
    for someone to like me as me, to laugh with,
    to cry with, to be just beside with
    a friend that who I need.... more »

  • A Poem For Kaizer

    The day I saw your face
    I made a promise to myself
    That you're goin to be my special someone always
    Coz in my mind I got your memory... more »

  • Behind This Life

    not worth my eyes can I behold your form
    nor with my hands can i feel your mine
    continue and contend someone behind this life.
    perplexed of face dazed all age... more »

  • Coded

    it is that night
    and my head feels like bursting..but,
    miracle of miracles! it started thinking,
    sad to say, pain aggravated.... more »

  • Cutting The Bond

    The beating of my heart is so fast as i recall things,
    it was so sudden...
    I feel sad... even worse than sadness..
    I never expected that this would happen..... more »

  • Friendship Cutter

    you said you love me, and you'd never hurt me.
    but how come you already did?
    i thought you'd be my hero.
    but i was wrong.... more »

  • Inception

    why my days are not complete?
    the days and the times, that i can't see you.
    your smile, the laugh and the words i encountered,
    and your hands, that i hope someday will hold me.... more »

  • It Would Be Better If We'Re Just Friends

    I can hear your laughter
    with your gentle manner;
    I can hear your voice
    with Fiona's noise.... more »

  • Just As I'Ve Thought

    i met him in a way i never imagined.
    it was a month ago and until today i still can't forget
    the day i first saw him in their school..
    small, yet cute, , looking good in uniform, , very neat, , impressive! !... more »

  • Never

    never lose your sight in your dreams
    while giving your all to a soul so undeserving
    never bewildered by his illusive glance
    for it spells heart's sudden death... more »

  • Nicky

    the sea was calm,
    the breeze was soft,
    the moon was giving a gentle glow
    and being with you made the night perfect.... more »

  • Nostalgias Of A Walk Home

    today, it feels like something is missing...
    yet it's only a day of not being with you,
    and i find myself tearful as i walk through
    the same pathway that we take together... more »

  • Reminders

    sing a song for me when i'm gone,
    the lines that only the two of us understand
    put me at the back of your mind,
    so you will not weep..... more »

  • Rubbish

    all i did was to cry
    for i dont know why
    i have given my all
    yet i heard my own call..... more »

  • Smiles And Laughters

    there is a saying that you can smile your way to health.
    there is a great truth in this statements,
    for smiles and laughters have a very good effect upon ourselves.
    when we feel joyous, we are more considerate in our dealings with others.... more »

  • The Labourer

    burden.. burden the impasse of life
    for hundred.. hundred of years
    theres's no dignity and future
    slavement of the local exploiting classes... more »