Mansur Rajih 1958

Mansur Rajih, born 1958 in Humayrem, Yemen, was a vocal member of the Yemeni opposition party The National Democratic Front. In 1983, a few days after his marriage, he was arrested and imprisoned under the guise of a murder charge. The following year, following what Amnesty International described as "grossly unfair hearings", he was sentenced to death.

For fifteen years his wife Afrah worked tirelessly alongside organizations such as PEN International and Amnesty International campaigning for Mansur’s release. Finally, in 1998, Mansur Rajih was released and flown directly from prison to Stavanger City of Refuge.



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Seven poems on board and the poet has already created a niche for him. His subjects are mundane but it is the immaculate treatment give to it by the poet that makes it remarkable. I have enjoyed reading Mansur Rajith's poetry and wish him great success in life.