• Eclipse Me Away

    Eclipse me away,
    Find the nearest truth,
    Find the nearest cloud above.... more »

  • I Am Person

    I Am Person

    I am person
    I have no people... more »

  • Life

    In an instance
    There is life…
    A single organism
    As in theories told... more »

  • Look!

    The window on a horse
    No saddle was needed
    As bare to skin so close.... more »

  • Matty Matter Man

    Matty Matter Man

    Opposed to normal paradigms
    Intrigued in life's curiosities... more »

  • Mundane

    In a furious cloud
    Set about the corners of light, there
    Declined aspirations are, alive
    You are set to vow.... more »

  • Of Love

    Of Love I know nothing
    I know only of you
    The insecurities that you offer
    All because someone made you suffer... more »

  • Party ‘till The Death Of Night

    In the year round sordid place
    One day sees the marigolds pave
    The way towards the souls
    Or souls into the way of the undead.... more »

  • Seasons

    Arose to the sun
    Mingling with windows
    Nourishing few petals,
    Morning dew awaiting.... more »