• Fight Fight

    Fight fight and don't look back
    or else you'll fall into the tracks
    of the war machine making for
    the battle almighty bloody war.... more »

  • Night Shift

    What a night, what a night, I'm whacked, I'm drained I need my bed;
    Another shift, another night, another drunk who wants a fight;
    Those smells, that noise, the pain I saw is in my head;
    One more job, just one more job, I can see the sun, the morning light;... more »

  • The Next Chapter

    ... more »

  • The Warm Walk

    'Look' said the sun and pointed its rays to the lovers walking down the lane

    'They are in love, isn't that sweet' the sun elaborated and intensified the warmth and brightness... more »

  • Wine

    Have you ever thought about why you are here
    On this planet solitude
    When you've drunk too much beer
    You can sometimes get so rude... more »