• A Glimpse Of Union

    A mid-40ish couple,
    walking from their back yard,
    a quaint, quaint house,
    trellised, treed, covered with skillfully placed green.... more »

  • A Man's Dream

    A house
    of stone and glass,
    built above the ocean,
    reflects the sunlight... more »

  • Animal Dream

    in primeval slumber,
    runs through underbrush,... more »

  • Another Poem About Longing

    I can’t help it
    if you look great
    and I don’t.
    It’s not my doing.... more »

  • Approaching W.25th

    fallen leaves – neon green;
    underbrush – fluorescent brown;
    graffiti – acid rainbow;
    rapid transit, rushing through town... more »

  • Because We Loved Him Too Much

    My mother told us,
    maybe Herman died
    we loved him too much.... more »

  • Curmudgeons

    Oh, it's fun to be a curmudgeon,
    a crab, an imperious ass;
    an old fart, buffoon, an eccentric loon,
    laying blame on all who pass.... more »

  • Disgrace

    It’s easy to look beautiful
    When everything’s in place;
    Your hair, your eyes, your perfect smile,
    Your job, your house, your gorgeous guy.... more »

  • Domesticated Green

    sweet, tiny creatures
    of leathery skin swift,
    acting as
    familiar as pets... more »

  • Dream Of God As A Sea Monster

    This, from a dream I had as a child:... more »

  • Fumbling

    my hands

    all over these words,... more »

  • Gonna Get A Fix On This

    valley full of factories,
    red chimneys,
    “pure” white steam,
    rolling up to the sky,... more »

  • Greeting

    plump, orange-yellow orb,
    sitting on a nest of treetops,
    treetops spreading tall... more »

  • How She Got The Blues

    I saw a picture of her a year ago,
    my one time brown-eyed girl.
    She looked like she’d hit the pavement,
    I guess like the rest of the nation.... more »

  • I Long

    I long
    for recognition,
    kudos for my poetry,
    kind words for my song, for my story... more »

  • In Gear

    On a weekday morning,
    with free time on my hands,
    I stopped in the record shop
    at Tower City, downtown Cleveland,... more »

  • In Her Autumn

    without trembling,
    without resistance,
    in the autumn,
    every autumn,... more »

  • Infusion

    an infusion of grace,
    one thought away.
    If you can bear through this thought,
    hold out, hold down into your heart,... more »

  • Innermost Sentinel

    out, out,

    out on Erie,... more »

  • Jewel On High

    Always told
    to hold it in –
    so actions bold
    are where we begin... more »

  • Naive Pleasure

    After my last haircut,
    I took the mirror
    which my barber gave me,
    checked over the work,... more »

  • Old Dog(S)

    Some old dogs can learn a new trick or two,
    of this I am sure.
    Take my Dad,
    please.... more »

  • Prior To Not Quitting Caffeine

    For years, I didn’t see the big deal,
    16 ounces,
    sugar cream and caffeine bouncing... more »

  • Same View, Different Me

    I so rarely just stepped outside
    of the apartment house
    (I left a lot, but rarely just stepped outside) ,
    took in the day,... more »

  • Sarasota, Florida

    palm trees
    line the causeways,
    geckos... more »