Marc Robinson Biography

I have been writing about 8-9 years. After starting one day randomly, I just have never stopped, and am so blessed that I haven’t, as writing for me is the way I get to release my thoughts, feelings and desires. Being honest with myself really allows me to be able to write, as I don’t have to think much for things to write, so I have vented out a lot over the years, and have fixed any real problems I had with myself. I write for myself, but love to share my work. Sometimes when I talk to people, I can give them a poem that I had previously written, as it would be better able to explain what I am trying saying, But not always. I find that if I want to say something, It comes out much better in written word, than in spoken word. So if I have to say something, I will write it first, then I will know what I want to say.

I used to write poems in the back of my books in French & English lessons. In French I never really cared to learn it, so used it as a lesson to be able to write down things I had been thinking of through the day. And in English the teacher knew I knew the work, So if she saw my writing she would let me finish before I carry on with the school work.

I found that during the summer months, I tended to write more. Strange as I love the dark winter months, they matched my moods, but maybe as I felt more relaxed during the winter months, writing about my thoughts that upset or worried me, they were more frequent during those summer months. Now I find that I write equally. Really sometimes I am just an opportunist as I know if I think of something and I don't write it down I will forget it. And I don’t want to lose my inspiration. That magic of that excitement at that second. Mind fired up at that second will only burn better then, that later trying to re-light it.

Music matches my mood, so I have different music on while I am writing, but normally will always have music playing. The only time I have no music playing is when I am trying to go to sleep, but can't as my brain is active and I start to write. Honestly I would say half my poems are written at night. At 1,2 or 3 in the morning.

i have a book of poems that will soon be available to buy here http: //