• All That I Hold Onto

    I carry with me all that I hold onto.
    All that I wish wasn’t with me,
    I continue to carry it all.
    And moan about its weight.... more »

  • Distant

    Even thought you are right next to me,
    You feel a million miles away.
    Even though I am talking to you.
    You don't seem to hear me.... more »

  • Don’t Feel Obliged

    Please don’t feel obliged to sit down next to me
    If you don’t want to.
    Don’t sit next to me if you aren’t my real friend,
    Don’t do it coz you don’t want to hurt my feelings.... more »

  • Ever Wondered

    Ever wondered what could have been,
    Ever wondered what will be.
    How things would have been if you had done that.
    How things could have been if you didn’t say this.... more »

  • Everyone Needs A Reason

    From getting up in the morning,
    To carrying on with life.
    Everyone needs a reason.
    To finally get up,... more »

  • Feeling So Close/So Far

    It’s strange this feeling.
    Feeling so close to someone,
    But also feeling like you really don’t know them at all.
    Knowing that you deeply understand them,... more »

  • Frustration At Recent Times

    There is a problem,
    But I don’t know what it is.
    I can feel the inner awkwardness,
    But don’t understand why.... more »

  • Heaven Can Wait

    Heaven can wait one more day,
    Because I don't want to leave you yet.
    Tell that Angel of Death that i'm gunna be late
    And I dont care of the consequences,... more »

  • I Am A Transformer

    I am adaptable,
    And I am able to change to help fit in.
    I value morality, and I try to do the right thing.
    I try to do the best in my life,... more »

  • I Don’t Worry For You, I Just Happen To Care A Lot

    I am there for you,
    You do not have to test me,
    But you do.
    I try to help you.... more »

  • I Know Where I Stand

    If I am honest with myself,
    Deep down,
    I know where I stand with you.
    If I a honest,... more »

  • It Scares Me

    I sit here tonight,
    And I think of the future.
    Worry as I ponder what it has in hold for me.
    And more importantly,... more »

  • My Blood And Tears, Are Words And Sentences

    My heart bleeds out ink,
    Which my hand smears onto paper.
    Drip by drip comes
    Word by word.... more »

  • My Love Letter To You

    You know I love you
    And thought I couldn’t live without you
    But that’s why I have to leave you.
    Set myself lonely,... more »

  • My Muse

    Pain and suffering is my muse.
    Not a beautiful women
    To fill my desires to create work.
    But loneliness and hopeful thoughts of togetherness.... more »

  • Oh The Magic Of It All

    Magicians run this world with their slight of hand.
    Tricks of the trade, they make them fall like a house of cards.
    The art of magic is the art if deception.
    Look here whist I do this here.... more »

  • Point Of Origin

    From something I see,
    To something I hear.
    From something that happens to me,
    To something that happens around me.... more »

  • Sands Of Love

    If the love I feel
    Inside of my heart
    Had any form.
    It would take the form of water... more »

  • The Dreaded Question

    So what do you want to do in your life?
    Is that question asked for them or you?
    Do they ask this because they wish to know,
    Or because they know what they wish to do,... more »

  • The Travel To Work

    As I travel to work
    And rub the crusty sleep from my eye.
    I think of the day ahead
    And can’t help but think,... more »

  • The Watcher

    Sitting there,
    Almost unaware by all those around him.
    He sits and watch’s.
    Taking in all the laughs,... more »

  • Today I Was

    Today I saw something on TV
    And I thought I have to mention this to…
    When I remembered,
    We no longer was.... more »

  • Truth Is.....

    Truth is.....Hard.
    Truth is rewarding.
    Truth is cutting.... more »